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      Ingvald confirmed here.

      I guess the “problem” with the best drummers is that they are all very busy. Ingvald is touring around Europe with Kanaan during May, July, Augaust and September (go see them – they are fantastic!). So he has barely time to get home and change his knickers before going out again with our boys.


        From the wording of that Instagram post, it looks like the Norway tour with Olaf Olsen will be pretty straightforward.

        While the tour with Ingvald Vassbø looks to be more far-out and psychedelic.


          Question most exciting for our UK friends (+ travellers): who’ll be behind the drumkit in June?

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            @Tomcat that will be Ingvald I think. At least that is how I understand Ingvalds own post on Insta on same subject.


              I wonder – is this young Ingvald who played with me in Freak City Band at Burg Herzberg some 11-12 years ago? He looks like him – although hard to say cause he was pretty young then…

              schnu underberg


                jes that is ingvald. he was at herzberg festival, nearly every year, since he was 6 jears old. with his parents….
                dont miss KANAAN on tour, it was a blast at DESERTFEST berlin!!!! today in Hamburg, bar 227….


                  Saw Kanaan at Krach am Bach festival last Summer (small stage), a hypnotising whirlwind of a show, amazing! I remember being very impressed by all musicians on stage. Quite a big MP influence in their attitude/presence/approach (and of course their sound) on stage.

                Viewing 7 posts - 16 through 22 (of 22 total)
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                …hanging on to the trip you're on since 1994