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    Nice, I'm going to listen to it now

    I've still been fiddling around with the volume of some of my mp3s on my anthology (Nature's Way is too loud for instance and Kill Some Day wasn't loud enough) but I'm not going to reupload them to grooveshark… it's a lot of work as you must know. but worth the effort



      I don't know Audacity but sometimes I use Wavelab to even out the max levels from mixed sources. I wouldn't fiddle with the dynamics within the songs though. Then again I don't have a car. :mrgreen:

      Anyway, good job. I consider myself quite sensitive to the issue of hotmastering but I feel you were careful there.


      I am probably a bit late to join in this one, but I am a fairly new member.

      My anthology would look pretty similar to those above, with one notable addition – 'Painting The Night Unreal'. One of my faves and a MP masterpiece. :-)


      Me and friend and MP lover Magnus decided to wrap a MP gift to each other this christmas. One 80-minute cd-r does not exactly honor the anthology dogma of this excellent thread, but it created interesting challenges regarding how to compose a "short" record out of the massive MP archive.

      I decided to compose a sci-fi/pulp album, with a couple of cats in the middle, and finally named it after the Philip K. Dick novel The Crack in Space translated to french. Here it is, Bréche Dans L'Espace:


      -Bomb-Proof Roll and Beyond (For Arnie Hassle)



      -Doffen Ah Um

      -Un Chien d'Espace/Have Space Suit Will Travel/Ohm's Concerto for Alto and Soprano Saw

      -The Ocean In Her Eye



      I've been working through my MP3s, making playlists of every artist I have 5 albums or more from. A slow process, but I finally got around to MP.

      My rules for these playlists are basically: No more than 2 songs from each album (3 from a double or 1 song from an EP); songs from the same album shouldn't be consecutive on the playlist; it should sound like a well-sequenced album.

      So it doesn't exactly fit the rest of the thread in terms of rules… still, this is what I've come up with:

      – The Other Fool

      – The Nerve Tattoo

      – Have Fun

      – President Block

      – Kill Some Day

      – Another Ugly Song

      – In The Family

      – Beautiful Sister

      – That Ol' White Line

      – B.S.

      – Uberwagner or a Billion Bubbles In My Mind

      – Lighthouse Girl

      – The House At Pooneil Corners

      – Demon Box

      – The Sailboat Song

      – Wishing Well

      – September

      – Pills, Powders and Passion Plays* (Fishtank)

      – Stained Glass

      – Hyena

      – Dr Hoffmann's Bicycle

      – Grindstone* (Roadworks II)

      – She Left On The Sun Ship* (personal edit)

      – Radiance Freq.

      – Custer's Last Stand (One More Daemon)

      – The Slow Phaseout

      – With Trixeene Through The Mirror, I Dream With Open Eyes

      – S.T.G.

      – Triggerman

      – Starmelt/Lovelight

      – Hogwash

      – Junior

      – Frances

      – The Golden Core

      – Hey, Jane

      – Waiting For The One* (Tussler)

      – Gullible's Travails (Pt.I-IV)

      – Vortex Surfer* (Roadworks I) (May edit some of the final applause out)

      – A Memory


        ok NOT an anthology at all, just 3 compilations I just did to spread the virus among friends. I wanted to make one CD which again was of course impossible. then i thought i make a studio and a live album, but the studio one ended up as two, one with short and one with long songs. On the short studio album I picked songs that represented certain styles. So no Slow Phaseout or Nerve Tattoo when there's Starmelt. It jumps wildly in moods and atmosphere on purpose but it totally works in this running order imo:

        studio I:



        plan #1

        mantrick muffin stomp


        this otherness

        heartattack mac (segued into ->)

        the ocean in her eye (segued into ->)

        a shrug and a fistful

        kill some day

        pills powders and passionplays (from the fishtank)

        starmelt / lovelight


        studio II:


        the wheel

        demon box


        the golden core

        live III:

        the bomb proof roll and beyond

        kill devil hills

        the alchemyst (all from RW4)

        a k9 suite (RW1)

        [nothing from COTF, i only have it on vinyl

        almost nothing from LLM, they got that one already]

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