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      @ Punj Lizard: Those three acoustic-electric albums have probably already influenced a large part of MP's earlier work – take Blissard or Trust Us. So this course would be a kind of retrograde movement – but I'd love it. I also wonder what a whole Motorpsycho cover album of Roy Harper's Stormcock would sound like ;-)


      THANK YOU! Beautiful documentary! Had to log in first time in a long while just to thank you!!!

      Summed up the essence of what makes motorpsycho such a unique fantastic band! Great performances too and just great interviews and insight into the bands way of working and their thoughts on what music is. I liked the jazz references very much and am into the idea of time and space disappearing in the cloud of creative flow where creation seemingly just happens when musicians interlink. mp has always had that energy of making this happen, again and again taking songs to new levels (or other physical places as snah put it). That's what I love about them!

      Thanks for the doc one last time!

      —on the trip since 2000


      @Oakey : Good to have you back! Agree totally with your comment.

      @Punj : Couldn’t agree more. They would NAIL it. A real acoustic folkish piece, I’m sure that’s on they’re bucket list. I hope so.

      Regarding kraut I always found a Neu influence on Überwagner (I guess also reflected in the title?) or maybe it’s just me. But I’d def love them to explore this side more, hm, dreaming. I’m exited about the new project though, the one after this latest Tower installment, I think this will point the direction ahead, at least for the next few years.

      And, regarding the topics above: this band never ceases to spoil us. It’s never ending, and I’m 100% sure they’re in it for the long run, they’re still sonic scientists and the muse seems to be ever present. Thank God or some Space Deity for that!


        @oakey : thanks man glad you enjoyed it


          Really a great Rockumentary with deep Feelings precisly formulated.

          I hate growing older too…

          Please never be deaf all of you.. :)

          Great Film and nice slow motion.


            @mybestfriend83 : thanks for the comments..;appreciate it


              Enjoyed this very much. Thanks for making and sharing this. :MPD:

              Punj Lizard

                @Johnny- Haha, I don't hear that at all in Blissard or Trust Us, I'll listen with different ears next time 🙂

                @bartok- I absolutely agree regarding Uberwagner.


                  I've always heard lots of krauty influences in Motorpsycho, but not always that overtly. There's the cover of Halleluwah of course, but more typically it's in the hypnotic, repetitive space sections in songs like K9. The motorik beat is certainly there in Uberwagner. Lastly, for some reason I've always felt that there's a lot of Manuel Göttsching in Snah's playing, but that might be just in my imagination.


                  Such a great movie – really really well done. Enjoyed every second! :MPD:

                  I always hear lots of kraut in Alchemyst, the robotic drum beat, combined with a little Sonic Youth maybe.

                  Apropos but off topic: Catched Thurston Moore Group some weeks ago here in Munich – they absolutely totally blew the roof off! Best gig ever since MP last year.


                    Re: the "what next?" discussion, I just had an epiphany: I would really, really love to hear a collaboration between Motorpsycho and Huun-Huur Tu (or Alash for that matter!). I just listened to Big Black Dog back to back with Tandym (they're in the same key and everything). How great wouldn't it be to hear those wonderful voices and sounds of Tuva backed by the "oomph" of MP?

                    Huun-Huur Tu: Tandym

                    Motorpsycho: Big Black Dog

                    Oh well, maybe it's just me.


                    Wow Bernie, you're my hero! I feel really bad for watching all your videos without paying anything for your work. You should release some of your work as a DVD (with the band's permission, of course) so we don't get to ride along for free all the time! Thanks a ton, man, this documentary really is a treat!

                    Even though I'm a huge geek having spent hours and hours just reading MP interviews and deep dives from way back when, I still learnt something new and found a longstanding suspicion validated:

                    – Finally there's proof that MP where thinking of Helmet when they wrote Feedtime and the other groove rockers! Hell yes!

                    – I never knew that Snah wanted to be a shredder! But is makes sense, since he named Malmsteen as one of his favourite guitarists two decades ago (can’t really understand why…) It’s so weird to imagine him being disappointed in his own skills and starting from scratch. But I totally get why that would be a disheartening experience. When you see the Eddie Van Halens of the world shredding along while barely looking at the fretboard, it’s easy to feel like a total loser, happened to me as well. I think that his example is really encouraging, for he made up for his lack of technical skill with great songwriting and extremely emotional, dirty and at the same time melodic soloing. It’s great to see that your heroes struggled with the same problems.

                    I also have a few questions regarding the editing: Why did you use the clip of the band playing Waiting for the One after the story of their first meeting? What about the clip of Feedtime after Bent’s remark about boring metal from the eighties? To give MP’s idea of “unboring” metal?


                      @hans : glad you enjoyed it. Waiting for thé one because it radiates thé joy of two young guys writing together for thé first time and feedtime for exactly thé reason you stated 😁


                        Bernie, thank you very much for this!! It's excellent! When you mentioned it in Paard you didn't seem too sure when you'd get it out there, but man you've been busy, and you've done a fantastic job! I love it!

                        It's not always easy to find the right words to explain to people why I keep going to these shows again and again and again and again, and now I won't have to. I'll just share your movie. This is why.


                          @RUNE : hey thanks for the compliment man. Glad you enjoyed it

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                        …hanging on to the trip you're on since 1994