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      My “Intrepid Explorer” silk-screen prints are finally ready! All prints are in 50x70cm and in 3 colours (which means they have been printed 3 times, one for each colour) and are personally printed by me, and signed in gold! 😁


      On my web site you can browse through all the ones I’ve put up for sale. When you´ve found your print, you can purchase it on the site and I´ll ship it to you with a small surprise.

      This is an edition of only 30 prints, so… first come frist served…

      The prints are blessed by the band, and will also be available in the motorpsycho web store eventually.

      Please contact me for any questions.


      NOK 2577,- (apx 230 euro) plus shipping.

      (Oslofolk kan evt hente hos meg og slippe porto)

      I have also put up a series of 7 mono-colored prints (black/white) with the same theme, that turned out really cool, for only 1000 nok.

      Limited edition silk-screen prints. Personally printed, numbered and signed by the artist. The image is from the 2018 animated visuals for Motorpsycho’s tour and music video for the song “Intrepid Explorer”, in which a boy follows strange clues, ending up in a mysterious underwater world. All prints are unique but equally beautiful. Choose the one that speaks to your inner intrepid explorer!

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        NOK 2577,-

        I see what you did there! :STG:

        Fantastic stuff, Flu! I sure wish I wasn’t broke. Btw, I seem to rember it being possible to rewatch the animated short somewhere. Is it still out there?


            Thanks, otherdemon! :cheers: I just remembered that Bob originally posted it on, so it’s probably somewhere in that news archive, too.

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