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      What Marc said! Exactly my sentiments. Compare above.


      Contrary to Ratcatcher, I stopped buying MP records when Kenneth took over (although he is not to blame for that of course). Will this conclude a boring phase in MP's history?


      after 20 years HBM is the first MP album i skipped. (i could have skipped IALC as well but i just bought it straight away)

      after both records the drummer quit so that means that there was someting "wrong" with MP at that time.

      so my feeling about HBM was right.

      i hope for some changes as well.


        Is it only me, finding it strange, that Kenneth leaves Motorpsycho at the same time as Bent leaves Spidergawd?


          I don't think HBM is the reason for Kapstad quitting, and I don't IALC was the reason for Geb quitting.

          My theory is that Kapstad quitting Motorpsycho made for some bad chemistry between him and Bent in some way. I guess he's tired of finding "the one" drummer.


            So psychonauts, shouldn´t we discuss this hot gossip in this lovely forum or what…

            Google translated to this totally awesome text:

            WHO IS MR … X?

            There is very little talk about Trøndelags great sons of tia,

            MP, but it is perhaps not surprising. They have worked as backing musicians with Karl lush Tiiilers piece, "reversion".

            I've preached with the band, and can hereby inform to those who thought that now was the ONLY tilbakeveldende and shit a little too much for Motorpsycho .. Heisannn! Motorpsycho the Game these days a new album with mister X behind the sticks! And you know what … It is ABSOLUTELY true! …. Hallvard wolf Smestad


              Not much to discuss really. Hallvard is a trustworthy guy – the other two – not so much :D

              They said already before the play premiered at Trøndelag teater that the music might very well morph into an album later. That they are working in the studio should be no surprise, and mr X might just as well be Bent himself. He's known to have done that before. Most recently on the backing tracks for the theater play they just finished last week.

              As for a new album – Hey :cheers: !


                So I'm guessing Bob Le Bad as session drummer? Or M. Banto? :lol:

                boomer former helm

                  Good news indeed. Bent on drums would again be a nice choice for the studio album. Liked his drumming on BH/BC a lot… :cheers:


                    Hot gossip indeed! This is exciting.


                      The post is now removed from facebook…

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