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      I’m not “defending” Bent. But some people treat him like a criminal. As if he turned from a flawless angelic Rockgod into some kind of Monster in a split second one evening. I won’t point my finger at somebody who did something somewhere for his own reasons I didn’t witness. I’m just asking things. And always ask yourself, what would Jesus do? The one without sin shall step forward. :-)


        Adding to Fillmore’s Fun Facts, here‘s a couple of more stage incidents (nice pic of Bent(e), yeah?). Loose translations:

        4. During an early Motorpsycho gig, Bent the animal smashed his guitar on Snah’s head so hard it made blood and gore pour out. Tough guy Snah keeped on playing, needing no stitches.

        17. Bent smashed his guitar to pieces during a gig at the TMV Festival in ’91. Later on, he blamed it on all the aggression he’d build up inside.



          i don’t need to witness something like that. it’s a absolute no-go.

          or are there some kind of different levels of spitting on someone…that’s ok and that’s not?!

            As if he turned from a flawless angelic Rockgod into some kind of Monster in a split second one evening

            In many ways, that’s exactly what has happened. I mean, it’s not a monsterous thing he’s done here, but a damn uncool one. He lost a great deal of respect from this psychonaut, i’ll tell you that much


              Unfortunately this show will be remembered for the spitting incident. But let’s not forget it was still one of the best the band has played during the HMF-tour as well as during the last years!


              The “spitting incident” show now complete on DIME !!!!


              This Lama-Story is annoying… I’m just glad I didn’t see it so Leipzig will still be one of the best mp shows I’ve seen in my life! But if I was near this screaming moron that made Bent react like this, I would probably have been negatively affected by Bent/mp in general and for the rest of the show for sure… like this I am “glad” I didn’t see any of this and had a magic night. No doubt though it’s a rough behaviour! It’s just like witnessing violence in football: Not my philosophy, it’s making you feel “hurt” – like it obviously did for more than two people on and offstage at Conne Island :-/


              Remind me strange hyper show @Fabrik in Hambrug two years ago…at that time, the band had spat by stupid audience from upstiars… after that… I mean if they got troubles…power of anger sometimes turned to be outrageous energy and playings… esp. for Big B.

              The Other Anders

                First of all: The jamming and solos in this concert was not noodling, it was rythmic, spontanious, spaced out, and experimental. I have never heard or seen the band experiment so much with their instruments, equipment and sound as in Leipzig June 7th 2010.

                Second: There is by now way too much namecalling and swearing, and too many raised fingers in the discussion, and even by people who were not there. Behave yourself, or you will be no better than the man you condemn.

                Third: How come being drunk has become an excuse for anything from drinking and driving and killing people to ruining concerts? Why is it that we have to accept that some people drink their brains out and spoil the fun/the quiet moments/the magic for everyone else? Some people used to call me the concert nazi because I asked people to be quiet around me and respect the music, the band and the man standing next to you, who might have travelled half the world and spent his last dime, just to see the show.

                I have more or less stopped to tell people to shut up these days, except one incident in Heidelberg, a typical Saturday audience, a guy and a girl in the fifth row talking loudly, bending towards eachother obstructing my view AND sound by screaming into eachothers ears about anything BUT the music. They did this the whole concert. Why did they even bother to show up?

                But they were obviously drunk and happy, so I am not allowed to complain. I am the concert nazi.

                I notice that people tend to talk more at MP shows today than before. Although most audiences in general were wellbehaved and attentive this tour, we always had to tolerate a certain amount of talking, shouting, misplaced whistling and egotrip yealling a la “smart comment shouted out loud so that everyone can hear how cool I am, and maybe that sexy lady behind me will walk me home and fuck my brains out. Oh, look at her breasts. I think I’ll just add a “UUUUAAAHHAHAHAAAUI” to seal the deal, right here in the most quiet part of Gullible, so that she can hear me, and everyone else too – that is the hole point, don’t you get it? – and it might be my last chance.

                Will I spoil the moment for everyone else? I haven’t even concidered it. I am drunk, horny and happy, so I am allowed to be selfish, egocentric and asocial”.

                Fourth: Leipzig to me was the best show since Halden 1999. I have told a friend who could not see any shows this tour about my experiences, and I’ll leave it with his comment, as I could not have said it better myself:

                “Sounds totally amazing.. It is very very rare that a band that has been around for

                20 years, starts to make the coolest music they have ever done. The band is clearly

                finding their SPACE now.. Awesome..”


                  Bent still spat in the face of a fan! And imo no amount of words, however well put, will ever change that fact!

                  The Other Anders

                    Not that it justifies anything, but someone who spoils The Golden Core the way this guy did, is not a fan. I refuse to be put in the same category as him.

                    I understand, GBD, that this incident has chocked you and others in here, but can you lay your weapons of namecalling, swearing and exclamation marks to the ground now, and stop making this a crusade?

                      “…and stop making this a crusade”

                      @ The Other Anders: you nailed it.

                      even how disgusting this misbehaviour was, bent isn’t the antichrist.

                      let’s make a full stop here.


                        thanks anders,

                        you said all what is to say.

                        and I hope that the comunity will this concert not remembering as the spit concert.

                        i think we should remember that this was one of the extrem magic motorpsycho gig’s.

                        even I wasn’t there, I’m really sure, that it was one of them.

                        boomer former helm

                          hey folks,

                          i started to write about that and see now that there are many different opinions. some people have been there, some not. first of all, i didn’t want to speak evil. but it was important for me to discuss that.

                          i was thinking a lot about it, and talked to my other friends that have been there with us at the show. finally i must say, that even the acting of bent was really bad, it was the only thing he could do, because it was not possible to handle the situation in another way. so somehow it was even consequent and human of course. the show was so brilliant and they came out of a long and freaked-out jam and wanted to play goldencore, which needs attention by the audience and especially from the band. it was really stupid and unfair to sing along that song that bad, when it is really important for everybody to get into the special emotional athmosphere. so bent if you read this, it was really bad acting, but you had no other choice, and more words are not needed to be said. i think everybody who attended the show, will feel that way.

                          btw. there were aggressive dancers too (especially in the encore part) and that annoyed everybody as well, but in the end it is a rock concert and people freak out (if they are drugged or not), that is normal.


                          Well okay, then how about:

                          Drunk friends who get spit on don’t let sober friends post about it


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