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    The Other Anders

      Now that a new tour is taking shape and spring is getting closer every day, I am sure I am not the only one who can feel the spirit lifting.

      So, let's get back to being what this forum should always be: The Motorpsycho Can-Do-No-Wrong-Except-Releasing-Too-Few-Live-Records Society!

      Imagine that the band dropped the bomb and released a live record with Reine Fiske! Isn't it strange at this point that he is not represented on Roadwork or any other official live release, having played on four albums and being part of the live band for almost a decade?

      What is your favourite Fiske-tour that should be documented for eternity? What would your Roadwork Reine sound/look like?

      Punj Lizard

        Great question, Anders!

        There is one Roadwork album I'd like to see created that has been mentioned here before by Tomcat (and maybe others). It draws solely on the Leuven 2019 concert and all the tracks can be viewed at Motorpsychodelicclips, thanks to Bernie's sterling devotion. The only issue is that it would include one track that has already appeared on a Roadwork album.

        Side A

        Lacuna/Sunrise (31 mins – split onto Side B)

        Side B

        Lacuna/Sunrise (concluded)

        Uberpilgrim (11 mins) (I think Tomcat suggested Psychotzar in this spot)

        Side C

        A Pacific Sonata (23 mins)

        Side D

        Fool's Gold (19 mins)


          @Punj Lizard: Good idea to add Ãœberpilgrim – that cover is so good with Reine! I would still have Psychotzar on that "Leuven RW" though and keep it for later (or seperate release?!)

          I'd first love to see the early phase of mp w.Reine covered by another RW album:

          "Still Life With Eggplant" + "Behind The Sun". The accompanied tours introduced that breathtaking Ãœberpilgrim, August and Whipping(ThatGhost)Post was A.Brothers guitarheaven on earth. Some Blissard tracks got a new fire with a second guitar added.

          What I love the most with motorpsycho is when you don't know where they'll go with a certain song, and that was Ratcatcher for Still Life. And most important: HELL 1-7! Starting at around 30+ minutes at earlier shows and evolving to 45 minutes monsters – unf*kingbelievable and mindlowing at the time! I don't know if there is a proper version of this suite but it urgently needs to be researched. My top wish! (And yet us Psychonauts had no idea what spheres this band would reach in the following years…)

          SO my RW with Reine would be "Still Life Behind the Sun"

          Side A

          – Kvaestor

          – Drug Thing

          – Greener

          Side B

          – Whip That Ghost

          – Ãœberpilgrim

          Side C+D

          – Hell Suite (!!)

          (Tracklist updated to make it a triple LP – and cut back to a double album to be teadonsble ;))

          Good point Anders – a Reine RW is long overdue … great memories coming up :-)


            As a matter of fact this record already sits in my CD cupboard – compiled and remastered from various DIME sourdes (thanks Spacebandit – among others). I always considered the 2013 & 2014 tours with Fiske a highpoint of motorpsychedelic stagecraft. If I remember correctly this was split into four album sides (having to leave out beautiful 2014 stuff as "Gost" and others…)

            Side A:



            Side B:

            True Middle

            The Ocean In Her Eye

            Side C:

            Düsseldorf Thunderhell pts. I-III

            Side D:

            Düsseldorf Thunderhell pt.s IV-VII

            and to make it a triple album some stuff from 2015 (without Fiske):

            Side E:

            Year Zero

            Throught The Veil

            Side F:


            On A Plate

            Into The Sun

            A littl dated maybe, but still worth a release. The newer brilliants (Lacuna/Sunrise et al) have more recently been quite well documented – so I'm in for the Great Lost 2013-2015 Roadwork IV 1/2 or whatever you may call it.


              Absolutely the 2014 tour! I always held that one show of this tour I saw in very high regards. Would love for RW to also contain acoustic tracks that were a standard part of the set on that tour. These versatile sets ranging from acoustic takes of "Trixeene", "Big Surprise" or "Coventry Boy" via the proggy "Hell 1-7" to very far out "K9s" and classics such as "Plan #1" were great! Complete gigs please ;-)


                I want a Blitz Fall 2021 in a Nice box. Great gigs.

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