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      I am lost.

      I find myself not putting on the new album.

      The urge to go see them perform this thing live is also not really there.

      The weird thing is I really like the album when I put it on. I just cannot be arsed to listen to it very often.

      I know no song titles nor do I have any favorites. None of the songs seem to stick in my head. I am not humming any of the riffs.

      I am not really looking forward to the gig in Tivoli.

      I am looking forward to the gig in the Opera, but even that got a little less special, with the extra concert being out up earlier the same day and all.

      A shrug (and a fistful)…


        It's a project. It's not motorpsycho as we know it. It's a nut to crack. It's strange to have an album where quite a few episodes do not work for oneself. It's strange and less exciting to think of the upcoming live shows since the sets are 96% known in advance.

        And: It's going to be the album before another "more common" motorpsycho album and tour ;-)

        My highlights of the unicorn are Hollow Lands/Veil, La Lethe and Into the Mystic (!) btw.

        Hope you'll be postively surprised in April Rune.


          Your thoughts Rune, mirror my feelings about BH/BC – or Fishtank, for that matter. I didn't really listen to either album for pleasure, even though I recognised some good material on both albums. Coming as they did after IALC, I didn't really feel the tingle of anticipation leading up to the releases either, since I felt that the band had lost steam.

          Of course, things have changed a bit since then and I anticipate their releases a lot more these days.

          boomer former helm

            sorry to hear that rune. to me it is very different. i am really into the album and enjoy every second of it. the songs are really stuck in my head… hope you will get closer to it when you see them performing it live.

              I know no song titles nor do I have any favorites. None of the songs seem to stick in my head. I am not humming any of the riffs.

              I immediately loved the album but this happened to me as well. But it didn't bother me because there are intentionally no easy catchy melodies on it, at least not repeatedly in a chorus form for example. As soon as memorable riffs and melodies happen, they get broken off or deconstructed or elaborated further due to the very nature of the album's idea. It's a one big monster piece and meant to listen to it that way, not a collection of great songs as we came to know MP. Personally though I usually listen to one half of it and then take a break. And I don't put it on every day, neither. I'd rather give it few but focused listens.


                I tried to listen to the album quite a lot of times, but every time it gives me a bad mood, because I really hate it! I bought a ticket for Bremen, but I really consider not going. I don't want to ruin my MP memory ;-)


                kinda the same here – i think the album is great, it just hasn't 'clicked' with me yet. so, i am just looking forward to the moment that it does!

                as for the live gigs, have to admit i dont feel the urge to see more than 1 show this tour for the first time since, well, ever. and the reports so far haven't changed that. i mean, gullible's travails is a great song, but probably not the one i'd want as an encore after TDDU. I mean, I can get 4 Juniors in the same timeslot!

                but we'll see down the road how it all really fits in. genesis' 'lamb lies down on broadway' tour, for example, was very unsuccessful, with some shows even being cancelled due to poor ticket sales, and yet that is now seen as a classic.


                  just seen the musical box' remake of the "lamb lies down on broadway" tour btw and it was great.

                  so everybody go see them on this tour no matter what you feel about it now. you'd kick yourself in a few years if you don't.



                  I skipped the Lobotomizer release party at UFFA, and have been kicking myself about it ever since.

                  Krist Rampage

                    Dont't forget they probably won't play a lot of the songs anymore after this tour. Probably a lot of tour exclusives (like with the Love Cult Tour and wel, lots of others). Wether you like the Unicorn or not, this is a unique tour and for that alone a must see in my opinion. Besides that is really love The Dath Defying Unicorn and am happy that i am able to see them twice this tour.

                    (ok, that's basically what supernaut said)


                      yep, exclusive and unique! I'm much more excited now for this thing to witness live than a setlist with Vortex Surfer, Mountain, 577 and all other standards I've heard a thousand times.

                      & a LOL @hovmod. :mrgreen:


                      Rune: I cannot agree with you more. I tried listening to the record for a third time. Didn't get past side one. I'm just too bored with it. I've got tickets for Tivoli too (conciously going to one show out of four Dutch shows – also for the first time since forever) and am seriously considering not going. I don't know if I want to hear that whole thing in sequence with the guys in costume and an encore consisting of yet another 20-minute workout. I love the long songs and the past liveshows, so that's not it necessarily, just coupled with this behemoth I don't think I can cut it. But I think my friends will not allow me to not go, so if you want we can sit in the bar in the back and talk about the great show we saw there in 1999 like a couple of old fogies – but not too loudly of course, there might be some people actually listening to the music and then we'll be contributing to the "Why do people always talk so loud in Tivoli?"-discussion! :wink:

                      grtz, T


                      I read a lot of posts, many negative about the unicorn.

                      I don't understand some of them, that were basically implying that Mp have some kind of obligation to entertain everybody or at least people that like one or two albums from the past.


                      as a musician i bet that when they formed they wanted to make something that is a reflection of them as people as musicians and of feelings in a certain moment. And so it has been with every album.

                      unicorn is what they are now, you don't have to listen to it, you don't have to like it. I don't think they will try to convince you it's good so I won't do either. I'm just saying don't treat them as if they will knock on the door once a day and force you to listen to the unicorn.

                      PS : i'm going all the way from Romania to London to see them live on the 12


                        I find myself bored by the majority of the "Unicorn" but I would never doubt the magic of the live experience! I simply cannot comprehend how faithful and genuine pschonauts who have seen the band at least 3-5 dozen times — which applies to most of us around here — can say "I don't like the album, I think I won't go to see the show!". Isn't that way over the top? There was a streak of not-so-good releases in the mid-2000s but who ever cared? Live they always delivered. It's a bit more demanding to get all of the new album at every show but you still have to cut them some slack! I am sure the live performance of the "Unicorn" will provide us with valuable insights into the material which will make us appreciate the album more. I am not a big fan of "TDDU" but I will dearly hold on to my three concert tickets for Bremen, Leipzig and Berlin! :-)


                        There is no way I am trying to tell Motorpsycho what to play, how to play it or whatever else. I am just stating my opinion about the album and that's my prerogative as a fan. I don't know where in my posts I have stated that "I would do it differently" or "They should better play this or that or otherwise…" As a musician too I would like for my audience to be critical and not like everything I do just because they're fans. On the other hand: I would resent the hell out of them if they thought they had a right to try and steer me away from my course. Motorpsycho are following their own muse and their fans are not and never have been mindless drones. As for me, I wouldn't have it any other way. It is not for me to judge them on their path or suggest other routes, but I can comment on what I like or not like about it according to my personal taste. It is not my intention to force my views on others, even though I am vocal about them.

                        And of course you're right, fillmore. I would kick myself if I wouldn't have gone.

                        grtz, T

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