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      Great stuff – thanks to all involved.

      I really like those shorter MP festival gigs – though they're in most cases over after 90-100 minutes. Forces them to concentrate, think about a really powerful, if short setlist that shows the band at its contemporary best, seguing songs into each other even more than usual…

      boomer former helm

        So interesting to hear how "Ny halflang" still mutates from the last version. it seems like they try different pieces of a bigger something live, included in that song as "vehicle". very exciting.


          NRK recorded the full show, and are considering using more of the footage for two other programmes (one of them is called Scene) but that means new contracts will have to be made for those. Many bands asked for copies of their footage on Festivalsommer, but NRK are reluctant to share what they call ‘unpublished material’. But there are full shows of all artists involved in the archives.


            Afaik one of the guys once said someting about NRK contracts regarding a Timothy/Oya release. They seem to be somewhat difficult…? NRK, that is, not the band.


              Yes, using NRK recordings can be both expensive and difficult to license, which is why there’s not a lot of it on Hair Cuts. Going from memory, NRK didn’t record Øya 2010 on the band’s request. I believe the band did an audio recording for themselves, but I have no idea if the video feed was recorded/saved.

              I know first hand that at one point Motorpsycho wanted to release NRK’s recording of Roskilde ‘93, but that was also shelved (I don’t know exactly why).

            Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)
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            …hanging on to the trip you're on since 1994