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      HEY Psychonauts who could be so kind and put both as MP3 online… ??

      You could guess I HAVE NO VINYL PLAYER so i am somehow fucked…

      Please Dudes and Psychonauts wherever you are put it online….

      I NEED IT… :STG:


        Hey, I could send you Folk Flest in exchange for something else? Thinking of Phanerothyme (high quality pls, at least mp3@320) or a couple of Roadwork albums :) Cheers!


          HEY Nicoot… Im Sorry but i get all my Motorpsychodelic Sounds from Spotify online…

          So there is nothing i could offer to you… Im Sorry…


          I can sort you out "mybestfriend83". What audio quality would you prefer?


            HEy Ephixx… I guess standard quality (normal Mp3 files) is absolutely enough… Dont know much about that… Thanks..


            "You could guess I HAVE NO VINYL PLAYER so i am somehow fucked…"

            But both of the releases have a CD included … 8O


            Arturo Bandini, you're right, both releases have CD's included. However, while En Konsert For Folk Flest is still available, the Motorpnaktoic Manuscripts is not. Personally, I'm a big fan of crowfunded projects like "Fragments" but if you didn't get on that boat then that ship has sailed. I think it's a shame they haven't made the music available as a digital download, either for free or to be fair; an X amount. As artists, you would think it was all about spreading the music to masses and be heard.


              @ephixx: So, since the band decided to make the Manuscripts a limited release for the fans, you think it is fair that you overrule their decision and put their music out on the net for free??


                Hey Common Dudes… No Discussion here if it is legal or illegal…

                Please someone help me out with the stuff…



                  Including booklet, CD and concert DVD. ONLY ONE PER CUSTOMER!

                  And one is not the same as zero.


                    Thanks Harry but i know where to get it legaly…


                    @ThorEgil: No, I don't necessarily think its fair and in past cases like these I have sought permission from the band to do so before proceeding. I find it odd and perplexing that bands claim to be distraught by the notion that their out-of-print records are on sale for ludicrous amounts online but do nothing to rectify that situation (e.g., reissue). In this regard, I do recognize the challenges posed by finances, legal rights etc.I'm very excited that Motorpsycho along with Stickman and R. Grammofon (!?) are reissuing their previous releases. Thumbs up! I was however utterly annoyed by how they went about the whole 9th fragment thingy. As for the Motorpnaktoic Manuscripts, I'm totally on board with the one off chance to be a part of the production of physical product itself but find it puzzling that the music itself is not made available to fans as a digital download. My thoughts on this matter rests on the premise that bands make music for their fans. If they didn't, recording songs and releasing them to the public would not make any sense. Based on this premise, the whole Fragments business seems a bit paradoxical.


                      Hey Ephixx… Could you help me now..?? Would be great…


                      @mybestfriend83: Like I told @ThorEgil, I always ask the band before I share material. I'm patiently awaiting a reply on that one. As for the En Konsert For Folk Flest, that release is readily available in shops. I'm sympathetic towards because that you cannot buy anymore.


                        Ahh O.K. Thanks… Thats great… I hope the guys understand… :STG:

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