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    mister conclusion

      Blashyrkh, thanks a lot for your work. Have you already figured out a way to save the song combos in the DB such as ÃœberPilgrim or e.g. the fabulous Spin->Hog->Halleluhwah->Spin->Hog from Berlin this year?


        fantastic idea! :MPD:


          @Johnny correct ! I’m still werking on inputting all the setlist. It’s a lot of work :D When all the setlists are in the database, the latest played songs will be automatically updated.


            @mister conclusion, Überpelgrim will be considered as one song. Don’t know yet how I’m going to handle the hog-spin-wash thingies. It’s probably going to be one song due to the complexity


              :lol: file under 'Hogspinwash thingy' 'Wheelmower thingy' , '4 Madhamster thingy' and so on


                @kjellepelle: I was at that Downstage gig in Vera. It was great. A very cosy gig with everyone sitting around the band. A very fond memory.


                  @ Mark, do you have any more memories like songs which were played or length of the show? Was it all acoustic?


                    No man, sorry… It's 25 bloody years ago, I can't believe it!


                      Question: What should be do with songs like "You Lied" and "Walking on Water", "Song for a Bro" and "Whip that Ghost"? They are actually the same songs, but they were named differently during the years on theirs setlists. Should be use the official names: Walking on Water and Whip that Ghost?


                        I think here begins your freedom and your responsibility. Choose one of the possible titles as your standard and add the other one in brackets, like "Song for A Bro" ("Whip That Ghost"). I think even MP themselves change between the alternatives sometimes (and invent new ones – remember "Adolf Hissler?", so it is up to you to set a standard.

                        Same with segues / combinations of several songs – set a standard and use it throughout. Consequence is important – otherwise you'll be knee deep in the mud soon. No promblem nameing a sequence "Hogmountspinwash" as long as you always use that word to refer to the same sequence. Choose the name in a way that any other Psychonaut will be able to identify the songs included and ideally the sequence they are appearing in.(Been reeding a lot of Umberto Ecos standard book on names and references lately, so trust me, I know what I'm talking about ;-) )


                          Okay, you got a point over there. Ofcourse we must be consequent in the namings. So we are going to choose the naming like on the official records. You Lied will be Walking on Water, …

                          Hogmountspinwash will be used and in the song description will be:

                          Hogwash > Moutain > Spin Spin Spin > Hogwash so that everyone will understand what that song is.

                          Thanks for your input Johnny_Heartfield.


                            Maybe songs should be registered differently depending on if they were performed in their entirety or as a part of a jam in another song?

                            So the entry for a song might be something like:

                            GO TO CALIFORNIA:

                            – X complete performances

                            – Z partial performances

                            Where the "partial" performances would link to the times it was performed within …Cornucopia, was it?

                            Punj Lizard

                              May I suggest that whatever systems you choose (and I agree with those above who say rigorous consistency is imperative), it would be really helpful to include a clear description of the systems so that users can navigate and comprehend more easily and precisely.

                              I'm in awe of all the work you're putting into this project. Thank you so much.


                                Alright guys, thanks for the input.

                                I also did a major update on the website. Some more statistics are shown on the website.

                                And you are also able to see which songs (and the total number) you've heard if you add gigs to your account.

                                You can only add gigs if your logged in.

                                When all the setlists are added, I will open the registration for public. But that's still going to take a while, because it's a lot of work to add them all.

                                Vegard B. Havdal

                                  Blashyrkh, are you able to easily export all your data again in the future from this site?

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                                …hanging on to the trip you're on since 1994