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      Would be neat to meet you, Punj Lizard!


        At Herzberg Festival the music on stage usually plays until 2.30 or 3.00 a.m. They got it a little under control in recent years, but I do remember an Eric Burdon gig there that literally started with the rising sun ;-)

        Expect a MP festival show in typical length of about 90-100 minutes or even more. And lots of fun anyway.

        Punj Lizard

          You too paolinogrande001. I'll be coming to the gig with two or three other Brits and then travelling with my wife for a few days.


          Weird travel, are they skipping Italy? :cry:


            New tour date:

            26.September Kolbotn, Kolben Kulturhus.

            SMALL VENUE. Looked like 130 -140 seats from the seating chart. Tickets went on sale on Tuesday I think. Still tickets left this morning. 15 minute train ride from Oslo.


              Does anyone here know the timeslot for the MPgig at Welcome To The Village Leeuwarden 22/7 ???

              The website doesn't mention (yet) ? I may need another dose of the Blasting Psychojazz Rockskronk,

              but am pondering to go by train or Zilveren Schicht (my car that is)…?


                ~ Summertime is here / Autumn leaves ~

                2018-06-30 NO Stokkøya, Stokkøya Festival

                2018-07-21 NO Molde, Molde Jazz w/Kristoffer Lo and Ola Kvernberg tickets

                2018-07-22 NL Leeuwarden, Welcome to the Village Festival tickets

                2018-07-26 DE Düsseldorf, Zakk (+ Love Machine) tickets

                2018-07-27 DE Breitenbach am Herzberg, Burg Herzberg Festival tickets

                2018-09-02 NL Maastricht, Bruis Festival (Free entry)

                2018-09-26 NO Kolbotn, Kolben Kulturhus

                2018-09-29 NO Drammen, Union Scene (+ Elephant9)

                2018-11-10 DE Wangels, Rolling Stoned Weekender (sold out)

                2018-11-11 DE Bielefeld, Forum

                2018-11-12 DE Dresden, Beatpol

                2018-11-13 DE Erlangen, E-Werk

                2018-11-14 CH Luzern, Schüür

                2018-11-15 CH Winterthur, Salzhaus

                2018-11-16 CH Bern, Dachstock

                2018-11-17 DE Rust, Rolling Stoned Park

                Krist Rampage

                  They are playing from 2100 – 2200 at the Welcome to the Village festival. Which is way to short but you can't have everything in life.

                  Does anyone know if they are bringing K. Lo to Leeuwarden?


                    Looking at this list for Norway it seems likely they'll play Oslo the weekend of 27/28 of September.


                      Thanx, Krist for info. So one hour of power in Leeuwarden…It's hard to decide but I guess I have to skip this one…for me it's not nextdoor and I have to get up at 5.00 am next day for work.

                      to everyone going; have a good one, see you all anyway at the Maastricht gig later ! :|


                        @paolinogrande: As long as they don't play Røverstaden again, it's all good.

                        There's an open spot @ Rockefeller on Saturday Sept 29th. Just a tip in case someone

                        important is reading :lol:


                          @otherdemon They are playing in drammen on the 29th..

                            They are playing from 2100 – 2200 at the Welcome to the Village festival. Which is way to short but you can't have everything in life.

                            The timesheet says: 21.00 till 22.30



                              Hope they dont start the norwegian tour in Trondheim. Would be fantastoc if they ended the tour there instead! Im probably going there no matter what, anyway haha. Also guessing they will play Byscenen in december.

                              Krist Rampage

                                @Spokje: the timesheet says 2100 – 2200. 2230 would be better but that's not what i see.

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