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    The Skotbu festival gig is at the Saturday as stated above, the will play last.

    The capasity (festival- and day pass all together is somewhere around 450-550 people so this should a really nice and intimate outdoor show!

    This is the main stage:



    09.10.2019 – PORDENONE, Capitol

    10.10.2019 – TORINO, Hiroshima Mon Amour

    11.10.2019 – BRESCIA, Latteria Molloy

    12.10.2019 – PERUGIA, Urban Club

    13.10.2019 – FIRENZE, Viper Theatre


      Updated with Italian dates:

      31.07.2019 – NO Trondheim, Byscenen / Olavsfestdagene – Motorpsycho with friends

      03.08.2019 – NO Skotbu, Ringnesfestival

      10.08.2019 – NO Oslo, Øyafestivalen – Motorpsycho with friends

      13.09.2019 – ES Donostia, Dabadaba

      14.09.2019 – ES Madrid, Get Mad Festival

      15.09.2019 – ES Avilés, Factoría Cultural

      20.09.2019 – GR Athens, Fuzz Club

      28.09.2019 – DK Odense, Posten

      29.09.2019 – DE Bremen, Schlachthof

      30.09.2019 – NL Amsterdam, Paradiso Noord

      01.10.2019 РDE K̦ln, Gloria

      03.10.2019 – LU Luxembourg, den Atelier

      04.10.2019 – BE Braine-le-Comte, Salle Baudouin IV

      08.10.2019 – CH Zürich, Rote Fabrik

      09.10.2019 – IT Pordenone, Capitol

      10.10.2019 – IT Torino, Hiroshima Mon Amour

      11.10.2019 – IT Brescia, Latteria Molloy

      12.10.2019 – IT Perugia, Urban Club

      13.10.2019 – IT Firenze, Viper Theatre

      15.10.2019 – DE Frankfurt am Main, Mousonturm

      16.10.2019 – DE Leipzig, Conne Island

      17.10.2019 – DE Berlin, Festsaal Kreuzberg

      18.10.2019 – NL Hengelo, Metropool

      19.10.2019 – NL The Hague, Paard

      05.12.2019 – NO Tromsø, Driv

      Possible UK date(s) between Belgium and Switzerland I guess…

      Punj Lizard

        Thanks for updating Tomcat. Yes, that would be the most likely place for UK dates. I see there's also room for more gigs either side of Athens.


          Well, picture me surprised, and quite happily so. 10 Italian dates in one year, just wow! :D


            Pro-shot video of the Copenhagen gig, part 1

            Motorpsychodelicclips next? :lol:


              Can someone local share more information about the venues in Italy? Lest we miss out on another Avellino ;-)

              I have just arranged to attend Leipzig>Berlin>Hengelo, a nice little trio at the tail end of the tour. Trains etc. still very cheap.


                Not a local, yet I attended the 2014 at Hiroshima mon amour/Torino and I must say that I replay liked the club. Rather small, approx 200-250 capacity, a nice stage and proper PA.


                  Regarding the Ringnes festival, I was lucky enough to be there the last time Motorpsycho played – as TITS (with friends?), which was absolutely amazing. 2004 I think, and charmingly quaint, diy, refreshingly free of pretense and a thoroughly enjoyable experience. We drove to and from Oslo the same day, cause we were too old for that camping shit.

                  Main scene is the porch of the main house on the Ringnes farm. Awesome.

                  Would love to go again this year but was sold out so quick, and I didn't have anyone to go (by car) with. Highly recommend and those of you who have tickets should be happy!


                  What still excites me a lot at this point is the fact that the guys behind the festival have produced records from the last six festivals. Number 1 had live tracks from several bands, including one whole vinyl side by TITS.

                  And the three last instances have been concert recordings of just one band of that year's festival, So… I feel like there's at least the possibility of a "Live at Ringnes" album somewhere on the horizon…

                  edit: typos/grammar


                      Ah, yes – sorry if my ramblings were a bit unclear! :D

                      TITS played both 2003 and 2004. I was at 2004 and remember buying the album with the 2003-recording.

                      Actually, now I think about it, the 2004 show was also recorded with the intention of a possible DVD/live album of Tussler-stuff. One of many MP-projects that are yet to be fully carried out, but hopefully will be some day…


                        And here's Part 2 of the Copenhagen gig.


                          Fantastic! Get 'em up on Motorpsychedelicclips!


                          I have one spare weekend pass for the Ringnes /Skotbu event.

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                          …hanging on to the trip you're on since 1994