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    Hi, I’m Tony and greetings from Bristol England. I'm new to the board and relatively new to Motorpsycho, having heard of them for years but never actually heard any until a few months ago. I then heard Bartok of the Universe on Amazon Music and I've been well and truly hooked ever since, buying everything on any vinyl and box set I could get my hands on and spending far too much money. I'm looking forward to my first MP gig in October in Frankfurt where I will be visiting for the world famous book fair.

    Two things. I'm also a huge fan of the original US proto-metal band, Blue Oyster Cult and I've been getting some of their fans into Motorpsycho via their fans own message board, BOCFANS. The message thread is one of the most active on the board.

    And on the topic of Blue Oyster Cult, and if this may be an ancient topic, what if any is the link between Motorpsycho and Blue Oyster Cult? The only other time I'd heard the phrase "Heavy Metal Fruit" was on the 1974 BOC track, ME 262:

    "They hung there dependent from the sky

    Like some heavy metal fruit

    These bombers are ripe and ready to tilt

    Must these Englishmen live that I might die"

    Punj Lizard

      @wrax – another UK fan. Great! We need as many as we can get to keep drawing the band back here ;) I'm not a BOC fan, though I did see them once at the Hammersmith Odeon back in the early 80s. I'd love to read the comments on that thread though it seems the forum is not open to lurkers/non-members :(

      Congratulations on being able to go see the band in Frankfurt. My second MP gig was in Germany (Köln, 2017) and going to see them there was one of the best gig-related decisions I ever made. The fan base is strong and healthy and I met some great people there. And the gig was utterly mind-blowing. Seriously. I'm sure you'll have a great time :D


        Great to see people from Bristol, home of the fab The Heads, and just to add to insult. We (MP that is) played there at The Fleece & Firkin, Bristol, 1997-06-03 :MPD:

        And of course as said countless times before. Bent is an avid listener and reader of music and literature incl BOC so he have a huge catalog to pick from. That goes for Snah as well.


        Ah, I knew you good people would know and this was in fact an "age old" topic. Just listening to Heavy Metal Fruit for the first time….I'm so happy!!

        Punj Lizard

          @wrax – Heavy Metal Fruit is definitely one of my favourite MP albums. Brilliant and varied, from start to finish. It also spawned one of my favourite (so many favourites :lol:) Roadwork tracks – The Bomb-Proof Roll and Beyond on RW4. Maybe one day they'll find a Starhammer performance they want to place on a Roadwork album.

          mister conclusion

            Hi wrax,

            some years ago I had a short chat with Bent after a concert and asked him where this Heavy Metal Fruit thing was referring to. Bent told me that it actually is this BOC reference and that I should go and get the Secret Treaties album because it being one of the best albums ever.

            Of course I did so. And I do like it.

            Greetings to Bristol


            Thanks @mister conclusion. I knew if anyone knew the answer to the BOC question it would be the fans on a Motorpsycho board.


              …And the joke's on you…

              Early BÖC are excellent. Shame they lost it to some degree due to – success? mainstream composing? overproduction? shifting weights within the band? Don't know -it is always hard to follow an excellent live album – and there are still great moments on the albums following "On You Knees". I think the Reaper killed them – greatest success and curse alike.

              Motorpsycho never reach the dark, menacing quality of lyrics, vocals and music on the early BÖC albums – that mixture of fantasy, danger, violence, drug addiction, weirdness and latent fascism – not that they have to. On the other hand they are much more successful in inventing themselves again and again.


                Hello Tony, I'm a new UK member too (although I've lurked as a non-member for about 5 years). Glad to know you're on board. It's funny, I had been thinking about The Fleece in Bristol being perfect for Motorpsycho. Little did I know they had been there 22 years ago (thanks, kjellepelle).

                I still think it would be the ideal venue outside London. Bristol, as I am sure you will know better than the rest of us, has a culture quite unique in Britain – very different from London – and is the most likely of any city in the UK, I would venture to suggest, to be fertile territory for Motorpsycho. I believ The Fleece had a sort of rebirth a few years back. It holds 450, with, these days, from what I can make out, a number of regular gig-goers. I would think plenty who make the effort to go to London would also get along to Bristol. Having seen Killing Joke at The Fleece in recent years, I can attest to there being no problems acoustically or otherwise soundwise.

                I had a look at who is coming up there soon. Focus are playing, as are what is left of Love. Surely Motorpsycho could aspire to drawing something approaching the numbers those two might expect to get? (We all know that, in a sane and just world, they'd be playing the O2 Academy or Colston Hall – or whatever name they're going to come up with for that place in future.)

                I wonder whether you have an angle on The Fleece? Anyway, it's iust a thought. You never know who might be reading.


                @suntripper, I agree with you. Bristol is very different to any other UK city, slightly off centre, creative, lots of alternative life styling. When asked by Americans I compare it to a city like Portland, OR or even San Franaisco. As for venues there is also The Thekla once it reopens, The Marble Factory or even the Colston 2. The Exchange on Old Market Upstairs at the O2 Academy would be another option. Plenty of good small to medium sized venues to choose from.


                  Slightly OT but I belive Rune Gramofon has a publisher in the UK (Stickman might too) but its not easy to crack the UK marked. MP is getting reviews in both Mojo and Shindig magazine. I have tried as a reader to get Shindig to interview them.

                  Edit: heard in a podcast that Mojo get around 400 records a week for review.


                  I used to keep an index of the articles in Prog magazine as I kept all the issues and kept going back to them to find something. MP albums including reissues have been reviewed 12 times since 2010 and they only had two feature articles, the most recent around the release of The Tower.

                  Feature Title Prog Issue Month Year

                  Reissues Timothy's Monster 12 December 2010

                  Discworld Roadwork Vol. 4: Intrepid Skronk 18 July 2011

                  The Musical Box The Death Defying Unicorn 24 March 2012

                  Take A Bow Highbury Relentless Garage 12/4/12 26 May 2012

                  Echoes Blissard 32 December 2012

                  The Musical Box Still Life With Eggplant 35 April 2013

                  Feature Harvest of ideas 37 July 2013

                  The Musical Box Behind The Sun 44 March 2014

                  Take A Bow Camden Jazz Café 28/5/14 47 July 2014

                  Echoes Demon Box 53 February 2015

                  The Musical Box En Konsert For Folk Flest 57 July 2015

                  Echoes Supersonic Scientists: A Young Person's Guide To.. 61 November 2015

                  The Musical Box Here Be Monsters 64 March 2016

                  The Musical Box The Tower 80 September 2017

                  Feature Towering above 81 October 2017


                    They have also been interviewd on Stuart Marconis Freak Zone on BBC radio.


                      As it happens I'm in the UK right now (passed by Bristol monday) walking around in MP merch, making a point. Hopefully.


                        Re Prog Magazine –

                        Crucible review plus live report from Rune Grammofon 20th anniversary in 95 Feb 2019.

                        And there's a Q&A with Bent in 96 March 2019.

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