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    Punj Lizard

      I'm curious to know more about the way the band work. Ive said on here before that one of the things about MP that really turns me on is the way their approach to their music works on so many levels. So how do they work? I remember watching a video interview in which Bent metions that they go into their own studio/rehearsal space for several hours every day. He talked about it in the way that other people might talk about going to the office or the factory or whatever worksite. And yet somehow the results are far from workmanlike. They do not seem like the product of an efficient company – there are other creative elements that keep it all fresh, dynamic, alive. So how do they do it? What can any of you share about how they spend their time, how they write the songs/music, how they rehearse, how they appraoch being on the road, in the studio, in rehearsal, working with collaborators (musicians, engineers, producers, venues), etc.?

      Kid A

        You can get some little bit on this by reading the booklets to the Deluxe Editions written by Bent.

        It seems that their approach to work is as diverse as the music that comes out of it.

        Some tracks were composed, rehearsed and produced within days, others were the product of years long trial and error (e.g. Stalemate), others came to life on stage and evolved over several gigs up to a studio recording, e.g. The Wheel

        Punj Lizard

          Thanks Kid A. As yet I only have the AADAP special edition. Will go back and read the booklet.


            I don't know much about the way the guys were working through out the years but

            allmost every Song is a wonderfull way of talking somehow about experiences made by special people with special Substances… :smoke:

            You know what I mean.. I bet the guys had trippy weekends back then if you think of albums like Phanerothyme or Ltec… I know that since a long time, they only make music "clean" except for a few Little Underberg drinks or a glass of wine…

            I can hardly believe sometimes that the guy's are not at least absolutely stoned while doing this Music but the play very long most of the time…

            So I guess it is true…

            But with writing the Songs is something different… I bet this happened sometimes under good influence… 8) :STG:


              Yep, and the influence is loads of 70s records that stood the test of time. They are probably not recreating 70s originals intentionally, except for the odd title and musical wink here and there. But Bent has admitted on release of "The Tower" that his listening habits during the winter before – i.e. Magma and Van der Graaf Generator – have certainly found their way into the songwriting and recording somehow.

              Wonder what he's been listening during the last months. According to his comments on the new material in the Romanian interview – or was it Belgrad? – it must be something like King Crimson meets the Mothers of Invention in Amon Düül II's kitchen ;-)


              @mybestfriend83; I don't believe a lot in that drugthing related to creative output. More often than not you play, or write, or paint or whatever under influence and think wow this is really great. Next day when you're sober it usually isn't. Maybe sometimes a little smoke may open up your ears, though. I remember a long time ago I listenened to Trout Mask Replica on headphones after smoking a joint and heard everything in a totaly new way. I don't want to criticize the use of mind-altering substances, but i.m.o. music made from a pure (developed) mind, heart, soul, is much more of an accomplishment.I remember Snah saying in an interview that he likes to be stoned, but on stage performing, there's so much going on he needs to be alert and probably not too hazy… So anyway, light one up for me, bestfriend, and enjoy, but I am much better since I quit 8 years ago. One thing I'll always be addicted to is MPmusic, the best trip there is!


                Is this the interview you're referring to, Punj Lizard? It's from 2014, and Bent talks for fifteen minutes about what it's like to be in Motorpsycho – writing songs, touring, improvising, and so on. It certainly doesn't answer all your questions, but he touches upon some of them. And there are some great shots of the band on stage as well.


                Punj Lizard

                  @kjesso – No it wasn't that interview. It might have been on the En Konsert For Folk Flest video. But thanks for this one – I'd seen it last year, but it's good to watch again. As for answering my questions, I'm just looking for stuff like this video, or anecdotes or anything else any of you can share or point to that you've picked up over the years.

                  @ mybestfriend, Johnny and JERO – Thanks for your input and insights. All helping to colour in the bigger picture of what I'm learning about the band.


                    @jero… Okay like I sad they play since a long time clean, don't know what's really going on with smoking … But I think this is exactly the creative point. if you listen to songs like – so many examples – the afterglow on still life with eggplant it's totally clear that we are first of all not talking about smoking a simple joint dude… I'm talking acid or a shroom trip..or for example take the beginning of the Here be Monsters 2. How endless deep it feels and then Snah starts singing.. Blue Bitter Blue…that's totally coming down from space to me..

                    Or take the Barracuda LP.

                    I mean ride Dr. Hoffmanns Bicycle..? Or B. S., Landslide, The slow phaseout and blindfolded all on Phanerothyme.. So obvious…the list goes on…

                    And I mean man it is Motorpsychodelic music man..that is exactly what made me choose this guy's long ago that they create this motorpsychodelic Vibe. I could barely imagine it being that trippy all over the years without substances being used by me or the guys..

                    You are right when you say you would not be able to do such music (most of it lol) on a trip and if you develop something it's mostly not that wonderful as it was the day before..

                    And off course I didn't know if they ever used this substances at all cause I was never with them but dude common..

                    I think the guys are older these days but they are still my long haired youth heroes with all the best vibrations for a special journey… And I bet in the days of Timothy's Monster or Phanerothyme there were a lot of trips taken by the guys..

                    I guess maybe on the next day or so The guys started to write something blessed by special feelings..

                    That's how they seem to me…please don't steal my youth Heroes 😂

                    Okay Jero I light one up for you right now… 😂 8 years is quite a long time…


                    I understand, @mybestfriend83, whatever they use for inspiration (and you as well!) is allright with me, just hoping they won't have to deal with "strings of stroop" when playing live, haha!

                    (stroop is a Dutch word for ehm melted-sugar-sauce, the stuff you put on pancakes, and I remember the bassplayer of Jefferson Airplane once said that playing while under acid made his strings feel like this?!) :lol:



                      Yeah Dude… Let's hope our Heroes will allways have a save Trip and not become eaten by Timothy's Monster… :STG:

                      Punj Lizard

                        @ mybestfriend and JERO

                        Interesting comments about use of drugs in the band's work. From the output, their influences, and some of their lyrics, I assumed they must at least have used weed at some point, if not regularly, but I had also heard Snah say they're not a drug band, so I wasn't sure. Personally, I'm a toker and really enjoy their music when stoned, but I also like it when I'm not stoned. And I of course respect everyone's choice to enjoy in the way they like it.



                          Hhhmmm..i must have missed Snah saying that… Maybe since a few albums they changed a bit but man I mean it is so obvious with tracks like Psychonaut and Watersound from trust us and Timothy's Monster and the whole Ltec, Phanerothyme it's a love cult era…or take the sideways spiral lyrics for example…

                          To me the guys are definetly a drug Band… 😂 No matter what they are saying… :STG:


                            Re: Motorpsycho and drugs: This topic was also discussed back in 2002. Some interesting quotes from Bent and Snah here.


                            Punj Lizard

                              @ kjesso – Thanks. Interesting discussion.

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                            …hanging on to the trip you're on since 1994