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    WOW. Rune, that’s great. Thanx!


      Thank you Rune for sharing :-)


        Thanx Rune,like we now own a postcard of a great place we've been to, to cherish the memory!



        Hey there brother JERO and all others. It was a great concert indeed. Ship of fools was among the best songs I heard that night. August was performed better perhaps in Zwolle ? In Zwolle I was really surprised to hear a song from Love (or Arthur Lee) and did sang allong all the way. And again in Alkmaar.

        Bent played tight and amazing. Snah could've used a bit more volume in my opinion. At times I could not hear what he was playing. Drums were very good. One hand rolls and great fills and timing overall. Fantastic.


        Thanks for the shirt bro! No doubt , we'll be at the front row when they visit The Netherlands again. Perhaps with some of my students as I did let them hear Motorpsycho and they liked it!

        Krist Rampage

          @Jero yes think i remember you! I did think of moving too but somehow didn't.

          I must say i was not too happy with the lightning. Also visuals would have been great, like on Roadburn.


            Yes, I'll never understand what's so trippy or psychedelic about these low spotlights aimed at the audience. I found it annoying, having to stare at the floor at times when you really would like to watch the band!My visual memories of this gig are like a mostly dark stage, the silhouettes of the musicians. So although I/we totally got into the music, a lot of the very energetically moving Bent and the knobfiddeling Snah were hidden in obscurity…Agree about the visuals, they provided great atmosphere at the Zwolle gig 10-2017, especially that moment when the band seemed to be playing in an enormous green 'Norwegian pinetree woodland' comes to my mind!



            Yes, I'll never understand what's so trippy or psychedelic about these low spotlights aimed at the audience. I found it annoying,

            Indeed, it's plain stupid.


              I have quite light sensitive eyes and I absolutely hate the in-your-face-spotlights. And even worse are the strobes. Completely distracts from the experience. Booo!

              Punj Lizard

                My Alkmaar experience was mixed. After three fantastic days in Amsterdam with Mrs Lizard, she flew home and I went straight to meet TheOtherAnders. Getting in the vibe, we walked a little, took the train to Alkmaar and all along talked Motorpsycho. In Alkmaar we met up with Tomcat, Ingo, Thomas, Alli and other psychonauts. I was a little overwhelmed to be in their company again, to say the least. I am, after all, as someone said, 'the new guy'. ha ha :D

                At the gig I found myself alone, about ten rows back to the right. With Roadburn coming up I decided to actually use the earplugs I bought a few years earlier, but which I have never donned. The sound was atrocious. I thought it was the earplugs, so I took them out. No difference. With micro-movements here and there the sound sometimes came through better, but for most of the concert I was riding a wave of drums and bass on top of which fell a white noise hailstorm of mellotron and guitars. Within that white noise, if I concentrated a little harder, the guitars became a little more distiguishable, but the mellotron remained mostly lacking in clarity.

                I had thought about moving position, and spied Tomcat closer to the centre and wondered if the sound was better there. But being tall I rarely like to push into a position ahead of others because I know I'm going to ruin someone else's view. If I'm already in position, others can choose to stand behind me or not, but not if I push in front of them. Anyway, I was still riding the wave and my psycho-tweaked brain and body were happy to stay there and to enjoy having the room to get my freak on.

                So, with eyes mostly closed, body swerving this way and that, I immersed myself in the deep and had a great time.

                After the gig I met with the 'nauts again and walked into town, where I then left them and went to my dorm room, looking for silence and contemplating my departure the next morning to Roadburn…


                  Ah, so you were one of the guys standing out in front of the venue just before it started, I guess, Punj Lizard.

                  I should have been more awake and introduced myself when I came over.

                  You'll have to forgive me, but I hadn't seen Anders in a bunch of years, it was good to catch up.

                  Next time I'll come say hi. I'll be wearing a fake beard and have a newspaper under my left arm. Wink, wink, nudge, nudge.

                  I didn't have issues with the sound during the gig. It was loud, sure, but all instruments were distinguishable from where I stood.

                  Only minus, perhaps, being Reine's instruments mixed in quite a lot softer than Snah/Bent. Fair enough, I guess, they're Snah/Bent after all, but Reine made some marvellous noise throughout the entire gig. It's easier to hear on the recording.

                  Punj Lizard


                    Yes, one of them would have been me Рprobably the one you didn't recognise :wink: Don't worry about not introducing yourself, I could see you and Anders had plenty to catch up on, and when I'm as high as I was then, I'm not vey good at socialising, especially among people I'm only just getting to know. I met Thomas, Alli and Tomcat at the last K̦ln show, but I'm still finding my feet, so to speak.

                    I'll be at the Dusseldorf show, so maybe see you then?


                      Whatever the sound at the gig itself – Rune's Recording (and Spacebandit's editing for DIME) is just great. What a gig! One of the best of 2018 so far – great Sonata, great Mac To Source, Eagle's Son once again… Could go on forever.

                      Thanx a lot, mates!


                      Is it also up on Motortrades? Since I didn't bother yet to restore my DIME-account after all the nonsense a while back.


                        Cool! I might have to download this to see what type of magic sauce the Spacebandit applied to the recording.

                        Thanks a lot for getting it out there, Mr. Bandit!

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