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      so we came around again to this discussion like after every finished tour? :) I can write to the management again but like Johnny said, there was no reaction to my first mail at all…. maybe there is someone in the community with kind of personal relations to any of the guys?


        Would be great if you could contact MP management again. Probably Bernie could champion our project? Don’t want to burden him with more stuff than he’s already doing, just explaining what we’re up to – practically doing the same as with motorpsychedelicclips, just for concert recordings in form of a group on, strictly non-commercial and subject to consent of MP Management.


          I am happy to try.


            First of all, thanks to to Bent and Snah for allowing and spreading audience recordings. It’s ok with them, but I don’t think they take too much care of that. I once asked Bent for a Soundboardpatch and he simply said “No”.
            As we say in german “Thema erledigt”.
            Thanks for all the praises about Mr. Wulfs recordings, but to be honest it was a tough time to work on those.
            So there are soon more alternative recordings coming over at Dime. Just listened to a great one from Berlin.
            Sorry, I do not post on MT, “too many trackers are like too many cooks”. If you got one, just use WeTransfer or anything to share like I always do before posting a new show.

            Keep in mind, this is our all favourite band, so be careful about anything you want.



              ok, I’ll try again in the next days.
              Anyway… since i wasn´t able to attend any show this tour, i would really appreciate if someone could send me some recordings via weTransfer again. i would be sooo grateful :)

              So long ^^


                Yawn…isn’t it so dire to create an account on Dime, check for a Download Client and then off it goes.
                Oh, btw, if you only DL you’ll get kicked. That’s a community tracker. So, if you fall under 0.25% upload nothing more will happen. Except you donate to the site. Some 5/10 € will be worth. That keeps the servers running.

                Don’t be a fool.

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                  I think Spacebandit has made a point there…


                    I used Dime for a lot of years then somehow my account got screwed and all my ratio was gone. On top of that I always have problems with firewalls and stuff and yes, I know how Port forwarding works. To me this whole torrent thing feels like something from the ancient ruins of the Internet and I would so much prefer to have a convenient place to download the shows.

                    It surely is not the use of Dime that keeps it non-commercial. If someone wants to screw the band and make money by selling recordings there always will be a way.

                    The Other Anders

                      @bionaut: yes, back in 2016 it was easy enough to join, but when was the last time someone were able to join? We seem to be the same people for the last many years. The only one who can let new members in is “Jim”, and this person seems to have left the community. Tracker is still up and running, but who knows for how long? It’s a mystery to me, because someone must surely be paying to keep the domain?

                      Anyway, I share the frustrations if those who have problems with Dime. The ratio-thing is a pain, although I see Spacebandit’s tip that it is possible to pay instead. I was not aware of that. I just also discovered that using a VPN client can disturb torrents, so it also comes down to a matter of internet security. Lastly I do not have my computer on 24/7/365, so I need a bit of luck to catch everything, which is why I am so thankful for the wetransfers.

                      The Other Anders

                        @dongonz: adandenco2 :wacko: yahoo :-) dk


                          “Free is when you have to pay for nothing or do nothing…you gotta be free” (Teenage Wind by Frank Zappa).

                          If you can’t get anything from Dime, then try somewhere else. I’m not running the tracker, and yes, it’s an old one, but a good one. For Free, if you follow the rules.
                          Oh, btw, some newer versions of DL clients don’t work on Dime, so you better grab an older one.
                          Mine is:

                          BitTorrent 7.2.1

                          That works.


                            I’m on dime with a ratio of 0.30 and am a bit worried of getting kicked. I leave the torrents in forever but they hardly ever get seeded back up from my end… Anyone else with this?

                            I only do MP, maybe that’s why…


                              Yep – I’ve not been seeding anything for a while due to firewall probems – haven’t yet found out how to work around that.
                              When torrents are rather fresh and frequented, I manage to seed & upload while downloading at the same time though (firewall seems to open for downloads and thus making way).



                                Currently at 0.41, totally feel what you’re saying. I got back into Dime years ago (I had an even older account which I think got deleted for inactivity) and just to get a decent ratio to start I had to upload a couple of old Bowie shows I got from somewhere else. I think that part of the problem is that most recent torrents are overseeded, often by people with very large bandwidth, so it’s very hard to build up a decent ratio, even more so if you’re mostly interested in less famous artists (myself, I’m into Neil Young as well, but that hasn’t helped me very much).


                                  It is easy to increase the ratio but you have to be patient: There are freeloader days between christmas eve and new year’s day every year.

                                  Use this chance!! Switch the computer an, leave it on and download every big torrent (maybe a huge video file with more than 10 GB) even if you are not interested. While you are downloading you are uploading to other user and your radio increases because the download does not count but the upload does.

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