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    boomer former helm

      it has not much to do with long haired hippies and of course nothing with the past. i think it is about their 20 year celebration, that they do what they really want to. they are long haired hippies that live in the present. (funny to call an album child of the future and to release it only on vinyl) btw. i’m a longhaired hippie too.

      Krist Rampage


        But why should I be forced to listen to vinyl when I don’t want to? That’s not leaving me open any choice to listen to the new record in a manner of my own preference – and that’s just mean.

        Agreed there, but isn’t that the same thing i, as a vinyl only non cd buyer, experience quite a lot more often. Mountain, Another Ugly EP, cd only….

        and i am a long haired hippie too and i am soooo excited about this new release.


          Hey, noone’s forcing you to listen to vinyl.


            geeez, this hasn’t anything to do with old and new and hippie and whatnot. it’s probably a decision of sound. recording by steve albini and putting it out on vinyl simply go hand in hand.

            but yes maybe it’s a basic cherish-the-vinyl statement from MP’s side as well. in these dark times of customer lead download demands. the latter is the doom that must be fought. hail to the cildren of the future who shall worship the arts again as intended by the artists.


              Weeeheeee!!! Great news!!!


                oh well. ;)

                @helm: okay, they do what they like and they like vinyl. but they put out every record on vinyl anyway and it wouldn’t hurt making a cd too.

                : cd is much more common than vinyl, so that’s not really a surprise. i’m also often bummed when certain software isn’t available for linux, but that’s just the way it is.

                : as i intend listening to the new album, i’ll surely be forced to listen to it on vinyl.

                : i dont see what albini has to do with the lp format. i’ve listened to stuff produced or recorded by him on cd and lp and i don’t hear a difference.

                also i like the mp3 format and downloading music

                and i will never worship art as intended by the artist. it’s lp only? i’ll put it on a cd! it has a certain running order that seems to be perfect? if i don’t like it, i’ll jumble it until it fits. it’s meant to be listened as a whole (for example putting only a single track on a cd with a couple of songs in it)? i’ll chop it up and listen to it the way i want to.

                …perhaps i see it that way because i am no hippie (i do have long hair, though, but thats unrelated to music) :P



                  you’re a very silly young lad.


                    @supernaut: i’m certainly not. but interesting assumption ;)

                    anyway, fact is that i’m looking forward to hearing the album. let’s dodge the vinyl discussion, that’s a path leading nowhere.



                    anyone has a vinyl player that he/she can give me? :D for free of course.

                    anyways, looking forward to the new album even if i don’t have any idea yet how to listen to it.



                      Great news…

                      And i have too say…Rune Grammofon use too have MP3 with the Vinyls theese days..

                      CD.s Sucks…Hm Mp3 sucks tooo.hehe ..Check out HD FLAC..

                      greetings from jacob…


                      MP3 sucks way harder than vinyl. Am I glad I just got a new record-player! Vinyl has never gone anywhere, just out of the immediate perception of the general record-buyer. It is indeed a very ballsy move on MP’s part to do this, all hail to them I say!


                      Thomas ‘not an old hippie – okay: a 35-year old hippie’ vdR


                        I’m a great Vinyl fan too, but it is very funny, that they announced the release here in Luxembourg, because it isn’t very common that people listen to Vinyl nowadays here:

                        There would surely be more people interested in Vinyl if there were only a SINGLE shop here in Luxembourg that sells Vinyl. But no. Vinyl seems exterminated here. I bought my whole Collection from the Internet and in shops in Germany.


                          Hehe this is so cool! Can’t wait for the album. I haven’t got a record player, but i’ll find a way!


                          Motorpsycho knows how to please their fans! Vinyl is the ultimate format.

                          hail to the cildren of the future who shall worship the arts again as intended by the artists.



                          I have to say I think the idea of releasing the album on vinyl only is 100% rubbish! When you make music, you want people to listen. Why punish everyone that have

                          ve loved Motorpsycho since 1996. I have every album, ep


                          ve released. I`ve seen them live 12 times. This idea is simply stupid. I am realy disappointed. Self-indulgient mono minds……

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