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      Motorpsycho – Studio News

      Bob LeBad speaks about the new record!

      The new Motorpsycho album was recorded with Andrew Scheps and Helge Sten at Monnow Valley Studios, Wales in August. The producers chose the material from a pool of demos and ideas the band had worked up over the winter, and their selection mirrors their tastes pretty accurately. There is loud riffy stuff, quiet folky stuff, epic works and more consise numbers, and even if produced by people outside band, the album contains all the various strains of motorpsychodelia you would want in a new Motorpsycho album.

      While not a double concept album like The Tower, there is nonetheless musical contents enough to fill most band’s doubles: it is pretty information intense stuff! The band challenged their compositional skills and pushed the envelope the whole way, and even came up with engaged and fitting lyrical themes in the ancient greek tradition: war, death, politics and octopi.

      Almost everything was played by the boys themselves, but Lars Horntveth and Susanna Wallumrød graciously helped out on one number.

      The band will tour extensively all throughout 2019, and are available for interviews, photo ops, reality shows and bar mitzvahs. ‘To forge a new reality…’

      Bob LeBad


        That tickles me in the right spot having just been to Greece this very month. A synchronicity closer to the heart!

        Punj Lizard

          Sounds appetizing 😀


            "war, death, politics and octopi" – sounds like the famous Greek band Van der Graaf Generator to me ;-)

            Not a bad point to start off…

            Kid A

              The Instagram shot of the recording session this summer featured the hashtag #nemesis

              I think we have an album title here


                That would be a great Title for the Album…Nemesis…

                Somehow Motorpsychic…

                And it promises to be a heavy Album.. :STG:

                Punj Lizard

                  I thought nemesis was a reference to problems with laying down the vocal tracks. Though maybe these first hashtag are all track names.

                  This was the post:









                  #pushingit #eyesbiggerthanbelly


                  #vocals #singing #studio #u87 #neumann #neve #sunn0))) #hiwatt

                  @stavemguitars #vintagegear

                  recording the next @motorpsychoband album

                  in @monnowvalleystudio with #andrewscheps and #deathprod producing. proging up a storm!

                  @tomasjarmyr #snah #tos @officialsammakar @c.marinho96


                    Guys and gals! Am I the only one to get the Rush reference? You make me feel super dorky. :?

                    Punj Lizard

                      @ supernaut. Don't worry, you're not the only dork. I was starting to wonder why nobody had mentioned it.

                      EDIT: D'oh – just realised you made reference to it in your first post in the thread! :D

                      Maybe there just aren't any blacksmiths here.

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