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      Been a fan of anything Espers and splinter projects for quite a while. One of the later outings: Heron Oblivion –

      Punj Lizard

        @Sleepynaut Рlistening to Fuzz p̴ svenska right now, and rather loving it. :)


          Saw Kungens Män three years ago at Mani Neumeier's Finkenbach Festival near Heidelberg.

          Made me dance in the mud at 2 am even though I was totally exhausted. Great Band!

          Not so sure about Kamasi Washington though. Liked the first album quite a bit, but still I'm not convinced if the guy is really great or just another hype. Some people say it's Jazz for people who usually don't listen to Jazz – or Pop for Jazzers who usually don't listen to pop. Probably a good musician, but far from being a master or even genius.

          I do prefer Kjetil Møster there…

          Kid A

            @Johnny_Heartfield: of course it’s always difficult with superlatives. I’m not enough into Jazz to really know if it lives up to the hype, but I really don’t care about some hype one way or the other. All I know is, what the music does for me, and it’s somewhere at the upper end of my personal scale. And considering I’m a more or less „rock guy“, it’s seems to be true, what some people say, being Jazz for people who don’t listen to Jazz.I think you could say the same about Herbie Hancock, cause that’s also Jazz and I can listen to without getting headaches :-)


            TRYING to stick to the rules, I found "debut is not more than three years old" way more narrow than I thought, so my suggestion is "Street worms" by Viagra Boys. The cheat being that I haven't heard it yet :| Yes, I'm slow and missed out on both first two pressings of it (third one coming). But really, it SHOULD be awesome, because their two previous 12"s are, and "Sports" ( is great :-)


              @Kid A: "I can listen to without getting headaches…"

              Haha – good point! Btw. I like Herbie Hancock a lot – there's a true master!

              These days I get my headaches from listening to contemporary Metal (which I avoid doing most of the times…) Probably I like MP as a kind of "Metal for people who don't listen to Metal". Just joking, of course.


              Breaking one rule, its a tad bit older than a 3 year old band, but this is just so fantastic to not share.

              Gøsta Berlin Saga.

              Check out theyr "detta har hänt" album, its amazing.


              I agree with Tjaaaa in that Gösta Berlings Saga is an awesome band. Progressive and instrumental. It's only 13 years since their debut, so they actually still count as "new" for me :oops:


                +1 to Heron Oblivion (besides vocalist/drummer from Espers it contains members of awesome psychedelic-rock bands Comets on Fire and Assemble Head in Sunburst Sound).

                King Buffalo (stoner/psychedelic trio for fans of Elder and All Them Witches):

                Hidden Trails (new band of rhythm section from great prog/psychedelic Belgium band Hypnos 69 (one of my all time favorites)):

                Church of the Cosmic Skull (very nice retro-hard/prog band):


                    Rules are meant to be broken!

                    Punj Lizard

                      Just listened to the Gösta Berlings Saga's Sersophane album. Very nice, especially the long "Channeling the Sixth Extinction", which reminded me somewhat of the superb instrumental band Guapo.

                      Three Trapped Tigers didn't do it for me.

                      Heron Oblivion – Very nice. I really like the contrasts within the music.


                      @Punj: We share the same highlight off "Sersophane". "Tog du med dig naturen?" from their first album is so beautiful that every time I listen to it I'm disappointed it's only 10 minutes, and not 45 :|

                      @pfnuesel: :cheers: Then my next recommendation is "Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Uppsala" by Klotet. Must be my most listened to-album of the last six years. Released on cassette in 2013 and vinyl a year ago. I'd say progressive, but also quite to the point, keeping most songs around 4 (+/-1) minutes. Tons of energy, zero vocals and slightly original. Here:


                      Punj Lizard

                        @grindove – I listened to the debut album too this evening, but had to take a break half way through, at which point I was thinking, hmm, good, but not that great. When I resumed "Tog du med dig naturen" was the first track and I immediately fell into a swoon, deciding, yes I must buy this! :D


                        @Punj: I suppose patience with Gösta Berlings Saga will pay off. I didn't realize how amazing they were until the third album came out, and only after that the first two started growing on me. A few tracks on each album are jawdroppingly good!

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