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      I checked out a lot of stuff in this thread that i wasn't already familiar with, a lot of really great stuff!

      I would be humbled and honored if anyone wanted to check out any of my music!

      Andy Samford – A Collection


        Two new albums, that I'd like to share with you:

        Rosalie Cunningham – S/T:

        Debut album of ex-singer/songwriter/guitarist of great retro-hard/psychedelic-rock band Purson.

        iamthemorning – The Bell:

        New album of amazing prog/chamber-pop duo from Saint Petersburg.


        Ok – I've had this in the making for so long, but never actually got around to. But since they released their Magnum Opus today, it's now or never…

        Band: Merlin

        Album: The Mortal

        A pretty small (tiny?) band from Kansas City. And boy have they made quite an evolution yet still remaining true to their sound/thing/whatchamacallit.

        Especially on their latest album they play a bit of everything, that's why I don't confuse you with a genre description. To show my goodwill :wink: and give you at least a hint: they started as a doom/stoner oufit in 2013, but soon got more diverse and sorta proggy. So – yes: it has guitars. As of now they mix a lot of styles with ease and above all without sounding too proggy in the end. All is floating in an organic manner.

        Well: find out for yourself if this works for you.

        It sure did for me. Album of the year. At least. I have not listened to any record (yes, I apologize: ANY record) so many times and still getting that tingly feeling.

        So if you like music – give it a shot. 8)

        Long live the wizard of nothing!


          Diagonal – 2019 – Arc


          New album by amazing British psychedelic-prog-rock band after 7 year hiatus.

          Essential find for every prog fan.


            A couple of weeks ago, there was an art festival at an old brewery in my hometown and, as the closing performance, I did a live score together with musicians from other bands for the french-czechoslovakian film "La Planète Sauvage" (also "Fantastic Planet" or "Der Wilde Planet"). It was a one-time, semi-improvised thing and it turned out pretty great. It was quite an exciting experience to make music as a supplement to visual style and content. Since the music didn't have to stand by itself, it was real big fun how much it allows you to play with dynamics.

            Imagine a little Pink Floyd, Can, Ambient, a little MP groove here and there….feel free to give it a click! I would appreciate it. (seperated in 8 clips on youtube, the one below being my favorite)



            Lorelle meets the obsolete! Addicted to the last song (la maga) from the album De Facto.



              Hey everybody! Check out Reine Fiske's Function!



                @suntripper; did you get the orange or the speckled vinyl? Personally I can't get enough of the Reine's vintage Telecaster parts that come with the album, as one day I hope to build my own guitar out of them. Of course the secret number code of RFF is 18-6-6 which is the exact birthday (6th of June 1918) of the bandmember that produced the video you linked, and the end of the first worldwar as well (the Crucible, say no more!). But I guess this is not for the average psychonaut. I had worked my way through Deathprod's works and so now I was ready for something even further far out, something like RFF (Robert Fripp's Fidgets) :wink:


                  @JERO – I am looking at mine now and it is orange and speckled. Should I be concerned, do you think?



                    If it's the vinyl you're talking about get more in-sure-ants, otherwise penicilline will cure it!

                    (I'm sorry everyone for soiling up this thread but we need more comedy in our time…new music, anyone?)


                      La Horsa Bianca – 2019 – Oneiric Numeric



                      2nd album of amazing new progressive/psychedelic-rock band from Ukraine.


                      Good music Darkseed, :-)


                        I imagine many here know about Kikagaku Moyo, and I just want to point out a fantastic recording available at NYCTaper. It's a soundboard feed matrixed with top-notch audience feed. NYCTaper produces the best recordings. His recordings are typically SBD/AUD matrixes always made with permission from the band. His site is a great resource for finding new music, because he records a wide range of bands. Free downloads, no account required…



                          Released already a couple of months ago, the second record of german "Schnitt" is still a highly recommended album (the first one is also a rewarding, although not as "easy" listening).

                          Breathtaking concept (origin oft the name of the project), nice vinyl editions. Check it out!




                          Punj Lizard

                            Just been listening to Swedish outfit hooffoot the last couple of days. Instrumental jazzy prog – bordering on fusion in places.


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