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      @ Great King Rat

      Good question! There actually are a few, but that doesn't automagically mean that those albums are better than "Tim's monster", "Blissard", "Trust us" or "Behind the sun".


      @hans ✊

      Agree, and «pained» Bent, lol, indeed, good times, and yes Hans, it maybe meant «more» or something, the magic of not knowing where you will land, makes it urgent, important, and exciting

      @johnny Wow, ‘91, sweet

      @Punj I’ll let you know!


        Excarnar: I might disappoint with my answer, but I really enjoy almost each direction the band takes with every album.

        And by that I don't mean I'm one of those who take everything their favourite band does as pure gold and glorifies it, I simply think that most of the things they do, they really do them good.

        Right! Simple as that. Country or Rock, heavy or whimsical, when they decide to do something, they go full on.

        Johnny Heartfield: No more fuckin' "Feedtime" in the middle of the set!

        Heretic! Feedtime! Bamm! All heavy hardcore alt-nu-whatever-metal 90s bands killed in one song! I've waited 25 years to finally hear that one live!


        Great post-Geb songs, hmmm… lemme think…. (while being distracted by the question if all during-Geb songs were brilliant)… ah, there's about nine albums full of them. HBM is the only album I'm not getting into, except for IMS and BBD. And HBM vol 2 is fantastic.

        I love BH/BC and I don't get the sound issue some are having with it. I listened more to the CD than to the vinyl, for lazy convenience, maybe the vinyl doesn't sound good? I don't know. There's maybe 2 songs on it that don't floor me. In Our Tree, KDH, Hyena, The Ace, losts of fast'n'focused songs on it.

        One thought about that "90s sonic magic": since then the playing chops have evolved, naturally. The lack of theese back then probably made them rely on moods, ambience, sheer volume and attitude, trusting something magical will come of it. And how it did! But at some stage in your playing life you learn more and other things and get a bit tired of your old formula. You could always fall back on it, but how exciting would that be? Strumming a few strange chords, getting louder and louder, and the like. They could easily still do that, but as a composer at some point you've been there, done that, and by trying to go there again you might only fake it. It wouldn't feel right. I imagine if they want to go back there, they simply play those golden numbers on tour. Because they are fantastic and are there and ready to play and live through every year on a stage with lights and sound and the vibe.


          Oh yes – Feedtime's a killer – and that's exactly why it should be played as the very last sonng, if at all. Btw I quite enjoy the heretic role ;-)

          Great King Rat

            @grindove: Name one! Come on, I'm curious. I've got one for you too: AEnema by Tool.

            Great King Rat

              Completely on your side concerning Feedtime, supernaut!


                @Great King Rat: Hehe, I've actually thought about this today, and I came up with almost 30 8O But I'll try to keep this short with respect to the thread's topic. So, here's a few albums I worship, on which I think every song is fantastic, in chronological order:

                Scorpions' "Lonesome crow", Suicidal Tendencies' debut, The Sisters Of Mercy's "First and last and always", Terrorizer's "World downfall", Bad Religion's "Against the grain", Stina Nordenstam's "And she closed her eyes", Nifelheim's "Envoy of Lucifer" and Klotet's "Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Uppsala".

                I'd still say that a few Motorpsycho albums might beat some of those.

                I love "Ænima", despite that the flow of it is ruined a bit by "Useful idiot", "Die eier von Satan", "Cesaro summability" and "(-) ions". Without those four, every track had been amazing, and an even better album as a whole :-)

                Also, I agree with what a few of you already pointed out: nice posts from everyone and interesting reading in this thread :cheers:


                  Next tour bring back STG!

                  haven't played this one in 30 years… :?

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                …hanging on to the trip you're on since 1994