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      you know, that ol’thread… let’s have it back.

      because I put a new lil’ ditty up:


        Nice work indeed my friend!! That Dino Dog thingy was awsome! That’s what would happen if Bent Sæther, Snah and Thurston Moore hooked up and somehow made a baby together :)

        Check out my little thingy ->

        The “Newest” song “Chasing The Void” is abit Motorpsychedelic. But aw crap! The sound….the sound…oh the horror. If you can bare with me in this, you might like it :)


          you’re nuts! it sounds very good. especially the fully orchestrated loud parts. and the mellotron mmmmmmmhhmmmmmm….

          you’re all playing this yourself??? chapeau!


            Yep. Took that talked about trip to the countryside and stayed there in creative solitude for 5 weeks. That one + Hope + Sunset + cry are recorded there. By me, myself and i.

            By the way. I checked out some of your other tunes. Alot of nice noise/sonic experimentation going on there! Aint it cool to go nuts with the knobs? :) And kudos on the Mike Oldfield spirit. It seems it has gotten a hold on both of us :)


              So you went all Bron-Y-Aur then? Nice to have that possibility with all the equipment. *envy*

              Yeah that Oldfield spirit is more of a means than a goal to do things. I do have a band of some sort though, but still… But in that one the drummer always tells the guitarist to go all Oldfield on the recordings. :lol:


              Radiant Freqeuency released our debutalbum "The Abandoned" this Monday on CD/LP/mp3.

              Hope you at least like the band name;)

              Album preview on myspace:


              And the title track on youtube:


              Releaseconcert on Revolver, Oslo, Saturday the 27th of October.


              OK, just for fun. Hdere's some stuff I'v done in the past. (way pasy now it seems) It can be found at "Heavy Metal Meltdown" is a song the drummer and I wrote together. It's supposed to be sort of Black Sabbath doing jazz. "Mike Showed Me" is a personal composition I wrote for our saxophonist. "Rocker Whore" was a song I wrote as an excuse for our guitarist (a different line up than the previous songs) to cut loose. "L'Amourita Boulevard" was written by the 2 brothers that ran Shinola. And last, "Sonarchy Edit #5". Aluminum Toast had the oppurtunity to perform a live show on the radio on KCMU in Seattle (The shows still broadcast and we may be archived, I don't know.) We went in with no agenda and improvised for 2 25 minute sets. This was the ending to of the first half and I've always really liked it. Not exactly masterworks but fun nonetheless. By-the-way, I play bass on these though I play keys, guitar and some drums as well.


              Sorry, I can't figure out how to make it a link so copy and paste to your hearts content.


              Seattle Psychonaut



                the miracle of copy/paste. :-)



                Acoustic solo project :)


                  are you as annoyed as I am of the mypsace update? totally screwed up what was good? and slooooooooooooooooooooooow…

                  (and thanks to Sandband, I never saw yr comment on my pfusch video. :oops: that was a quite unrehearsed one-off show with bass&drums and a guy in nylon with a neon lamp. 6'35" was absolute coincidence in the darkness. magic! shivers!)


                  Hey all,

                  A couple of months ago I was asked to provide additional guitar to the project Alkaloid. Since then we have done three gigs, a radio show and are we booked for State-X New Forms Festival in The Hague next saturday.

                  Impressions here:


                  (no sounds from me, all Rob)


                  (this is a link to the station we played at, podcast not available yet, but this features me on extra guitar)


                  (link for the festival – where MP premiered "Suite: LLM" btw)

                  Hope you like!

                  Greets, Thomas



                  The podcast was available the same evening the program went on the air:

                  Alkaloid live at Stork on Air

                  (for download: right mouse click: 'koppeling opslaan als…' / 'save as…')


                  Alkaloid live – Thomas (l) & Rob (r)




                  I know some other friends who are well worth listening to:

                  The Machine

                  (Psychedelic Stoner-rock)


                  The Machine is a traditional heavy rock powertrio.

                  With three releases available:

                  Shadow of the Machine' (CD, 2007)

                  'Solar Corona' (CD + 2LP, 2009)

                  'Drie' (CD + 2LP, 2010)

                  the band is gaining (inter)national attention with their mixture of stonerrock riffing, retro psych and some occasional acid blues jams.


                  David Eering – Guitar & Vocals

                  Davy Boogaard – Drums

                  Hans van Heemst – Bass

                  Psychedelic Network Festival 27-11-2010



                  Enjoy & support!


                    Stoner Rock usually feels so tiresome but THE MACHINE are indeed very good. I saw these young dudes at this year's Stoned From The Underground and they played an excellent and enjoyable set — as first band at 3 pm in the afternoon in 39°C heat. Respect!

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