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      Torsten Walker passed away a few days ago due to cancer. Torsten was very active in our community in the 90s and early 00s, the g35 days. He devoted his time to maintaining a live recordings archive, being a webmaster and traveling to many MP shows. He withdrew from travelling to MP gigs in the early 00s. The last time I met him might have been either at the Stickman Fest in Hamburg 2001 or during the "It's a Love Cult"-tour in Frankfurt am Main 2002, I can't remember exactly. However, I do remember him and his firm DIY-ethics very vividly and very fondly. Rest in peace!

      Here is an orbituary on [in German].


        I spent some "roadworks" around 2002 with Torsten (Berlin -> Utrecht / Tilburg) and met him at a few other mp gigs around that time. Such a strong, pure, gentle and honest character. RIP and go on exploring the new, wherever you are :-(


          And thank you for "remembering" him here in the forum, Fillmore. It's important to pay respect and take a step back sometimes …

          boomer former helm



            I did trade bootlegs with him around 2002/2003, which was a huge part of the unforgettable memories of being a psychonaut back in the day. I thank him for that.

            RIP Torsten.

            Also, fuck cancer.




              O no, that's so sad to hear… :(


                Oh dear, I can remember him very well, too. He offered me, The Other Anders and Øystein accomodation in May 2002 when Motorpsycho played in Mannheim. He stayed in my flat after a Motorpsycho show in Berlin, too (I can't remember the year).


                  Oh man, that’s sad news. :( Beside his co-work with Vegard & co on these pages he should also be remembered for maintaining the fabulous (now long defunct), keeping track of ongoings in the extended Motorpsycho family – side projects, associates and whatnot for a few years. Sorely missed, but those years of archival work are still available via the Wayback Machine. RIP, Torsten. :MPD:

                  (Edit: I do of course remember that certain people from the good, ol’ community have carried on that «family torch» for quite a while in various forms, but they’re fortunately still with us. :wink: )


                    I remember Torsten as a very passionate music lover and gentle character, never afriad to state his opinion in a good way. First meet him during the 2001 MP autumn tour where we travelled from Bremen via Utrecht to Tilburg. Last meet him in Karlsruhe at a Swans show back in 2014. We remained in contact exchanging messages now and then. He mentioned his illness, but asked me to keep a lid on it. RIP Torsten.


                      So sorry to hear about Torsten. An MP-legend. Thanks for passing on the sad news. <3

                      The Other Anders

                        I also met Torsten for the first time in 2001, I think, unless I met him already in Köln or Darmstadt in 2000.

                        I still remember that stay at his place in 2002. We warmed up to the gig listening to among other things the Kassel 1997 recording, which was news to these ears. I was amazed it existed, and in pretty decent quality too, which is rare for the 90's audience recordings. It's still to this day the best recording from the 1997 fall tour. I don't know/remember who he got it from, but Torsten was a well-connected collecter who unearthed many recordings back in the day and put them into circulation. I think it also was Torsten who told us about this guy he knew about in nearby city Darmstad who has recorded every MP concert there to DAT for his own private use only. Darmstadt is one of the magic MP cities, for those who are not aware, and it's a must to attend alongside the likes of Bremen, Bielefeld and Leipzig. I am still hoping for those recordings to be shared with The Family one beautiful day.

                        Later we went to the venue and got inside for the soundcheck. The band had had two off-days, of which the first had been spent traveling from the cancelled Bilbao gig to Mannheim, while the second had been spent partying. A night of heavy drinking on top of two weeks on the road had taken its toll. Bent was so hung over that he laid down on his back playing his bass during the whole soundcheck, complaining he was so sick that he might have to puke.

                        In the hours between soundcheck and doors Torsten took us for dinner at a local place. When we returned, Bent was back on his feet, and the band delivered one of their more jammed out mellow evenings, starting out with Torsten's favorite, On My Pillow. I still remember the broad, characteristic smile on his face when he turned to me in recognition.

                        That is how I will remember Torsten Walker. A good man.

                        Rest in peace.

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