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    Anyone wants to team up for a beer in Tilburg (Roadburn) the coming Thursday? Any nice spots either in Eindhoven or Tilburg?

    boomer former helm

      lucky guy. i would like to, but no ticket was available even 10 minutes after they started selling tickets. have a nice evening anyway!!!


        Yeah, would like to see mp playing live again… 013 – the place and the space for something majestic ;-)

        Cheers Roadburners!

        np: Brendan Canning (BSS) -> The Grateful Dead (Luxemburg ’72)




          ? (new song/cover)

          ? (new song/cover)






          year zer0

          llm >

          the alchemyst


          heartattack mac

          vortex surfer


          ?(new song/cover)




          nice setlist! cant wait to hear the new songs!


          Set list said:

          #2: Satan

          #3: Tiger

          Hogwash was also on the setlist but not played.

          Baroness was also awsome. Looking forward to see Mono and Shora today. 013 is a brilliant venue.




            year zer0

            now THERE’s a combo. o_O

            seems they’re quite cinemascopic this year.


            Hei everybody,

            I’m sure that Roadburn 2009 will be looked back on as one of the most successful and enjoyable editions in the history of the festival! I’ll limit my comments to motor-related matters. And Oystein will add a few words, too, as he’s kjilling time before his flight back home.

            I overheard plenty of people saying to one another or approaching Bent to say that this was finally their chance to catch them live and they were thrilled. In fact, one guy from the States announced to Bent that he’d dosed to LLM, ha ha! I was like, “Dosed? People still drop acid and listen to entire albums?”

            That’s so quaint…1988…freshman dorm…Operation Mindcrime parties…Ha ha ha!

            Along with the many who had waited to see the motors live there were also lots of folks who got to hear them for the first time and were instantly captivated. This is the kind of festival where you can still actually “discover” bands. Imagine stumbling onto Motorpsycho, and getting 2.5 hours right off the bat, with songs from virtually every era! Niiiiiiiiiice!!!!!

            The encore was not so much an encore as an opportunity to seize the unique Roadburn moment and bring Tos out on stage to jam along in a blistering version of Fleetwood Mac’s Rattlesnake Shake.

            For me, the highlight of the set was Heartattack Mac, it was Neurosis-worthy in terms of might and menace.

            Here’s Oystein:

            solid long set, promising two new songs, highlights: greener, taifun, h-mac, plus the news about the lp only album due soon :-D

            And they’ll be in the studio this summer, too…

            Over & out,



              Oh man, I wish I was there.. Sounds wonderful!


              envy you guys, Leslie and Øystein (hi!)

              sounds pretty good and interesting show! thanx for the report : )


              Here is Guy Peters’ fabulous review (*in Dutch*) of a number of the bands at Roadburn, with extensive and enthusiastic coverage of Motorpsycho’s performance.



                Killer setlist!

                Oh gawwwwwwd, Roadburn seems like the ultimate festival. All those good bands in one place. MP, Mono, Wolves in the Throneroom, Neurosis, Baroness, Catherdral…. All Top bands in my book. Wish I was young and rich and been able to go.

                Besides MP, what else did you roadburners see?


                “Wish I was young and rich and been able to go”

                Get out of here! It wasn’t a rich folks’ festival.

                The average age was around 35. Most of us were very old, bordering on ancient. Just ask Kenneth K :lol:


                  That´s not what I mean´t

                  You know:

                  Young -> time and energy to travel to another country just to go to a rockfestival without thinking of kids, wife, work and grown up life in general (that said, my family is the most important thing I have, but you know what I mean… i hope…)

                  rich -> afford to do the above

                  Had this festival been in my hometown, it would be another story…


                  Ah, Elvin!

                  You’re reminding me why I virtually stopped contributing to Internet forums…such a limited medium…

                  One of the dear friends I attended Roadburn with? He’s got a kid, a wife, work and grown up life in general. I’ve got the latter two (I think).

                  So yeah…it can be done :wink:

                  But this is not an attempt to turn memories of a fab event into some pissing contest about who is younger at heart or more financially savvy or full on rock ‘n roll or whatever, you know?

                  Have some vicarious R-burn 09 thrills:




         (church of misery)

         (gomer pyle, former 35007 drummer)



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