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    Hello from Germany, I'm new in here.

    Allow me a question about the "Roadwork" release dates:

    Vol.1 : 1999

    Vol.2 : 2000

    Vol.4 : 2011 ????

    Vol.3 : 2018

    Vol.5 : 2018

    Any idea if I'm wrong, or is that a joke or what ?


      Roadwork volume 3 was a video which was first released in May 2008 on a dvd.

      MOTORPSYCHO – Roadwork Vol. 3: The Four Norsemen of the Apocalypse

      The vinyl version of the video was released in 2018. This might cause some confusion.


      Thanks Juergen.

      I think I've read that before but there's too much information for a newbie :cheers:


        What might be of interest: RW II consists of live material recorded at Kongsberg Jazz Festival 1995 already – a joint gig by Motorpsycho, Deathprod and free jazz band The Source


          Hi kajuku!

          Roadwork Vol. 1: March 15th, 1999

          Roadwork Vol. 2: December 4th, 2000

          Roadwork Vol. 3 ("Hair Cuts" DVD/Original Mix): May 19th, 2008

          Roadwork Vol. 3 (Remix): June 22nd, 2018

          Roadwork Vol. 4: April 8th, 2011

          Roadwork Vol. 5: June 22nd, 2018


            We're due for 6 😀❤🎧


            Also wouldn't mind a Vol. 4.5, there should be some really cool stuff in the vaults from that Kenneth/Fiske era (Uberpilgrim! Here Be Monsters! The complete Hell-thing!)

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