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    Phoots Flower

      Thank you, Bernie, for the explanation. Very interesting. I guess from the mixer they offer you a stereo track which is what the PA sounds like. I imagined something like that, because for example in this week's videos you don't hear people talking (or bothering) and in The Wheel (Den Haag) you hear strange white noise. I think that the Taurus doesn't pass through the mix table either. Then you add the extra mics and sometimes everything works very well. Well played Bernie. Another issue. Do you make any mastering or similar?


      Bernie, for those of us who cannot tour around with MP anymore because of work, age, family or whatever, well, you're a HERO! :)


        @ ffbernie: Thanks for the insight. I expected you not to use the MXDesk sound entirely, I know there sometimes is a strange mix of stuff on there. Combining audience Mics & mix seems to be the best possible solution.

        As for DVDs "being so 2010": Vinyl is also so 1960s-80s, but some of us still love it (and even more these days, where you got almost unlimited digital audio access). The packing and the restrictions coming with the medium create a special value, believe me. For those who just want to connect and stream/screen, your great work is so much appreciated – but the results do deserve any extra praise they might get.


          hey thanks for the kind words again evryone much appreciated x Bernie

            I want an official live version of Fool's Gold… Live that song turns from a nice little acoustic ditty into an absolute Monster on par with Vortex Surfer!

            I guess the version Bernie recorded in Leuven on 22-05-19 maybe is the best ever (imo). Definetly worth getting the official Roadwork treatment. :MPD:

            MOTORPSYCHO live@"depot"-LEUVEN 22-05-19 FOOLS GOLD


              @bernie – I'm just echoing what others have said, but I am enormously grateful for what you do and the sheer quality of it – especially as I can only get to gigs in the UK at the moment. I am a Johnny-Come-Lately with only 5 years of following the band under my belt, but I feel very lucky to have discovered them, and then to have come across this rare, civilised corner of the internet, and on top of that to have all these goodies you keep putting our way. It's so easy to take things for granted. It's worth taking stock sometimes.

              Just one thought on the question of a DVD. It is something that would get seen and reviewed by some of the music mags, and so it could bring attention and recognition.

              @stereosofa – That Leuven Fool's Gold will do for me. All of Leuven is a great watch – and listen. As for as the Den Haag Wheel, as far as I am concerned it could go around forever.


                hey suntripper…thanks so much that's very kind of you. The internet is a weird thing. I spend so much of my time in solitude behind my computer bubble editing away and then one day you realize a lot of people watch the results…which is really a cool thing ! I have to admit I used to take a lot for granted as well on the internet but now since I've experienced this warm feedback I make a lot more effort to thank other people as well who put stuff up that brings me joy. It's also funny that I started doing this purely for selfish reasons because I wanted to re-watch shows in the privacy of my own home with my cat on the sofa and really delve into the details of the playing. Then it just got out of hand and I couldn't stop doing it. Im also really happy with the website…its a really cool place to go to I think. Otherwise all this stuff would just lie on hard disk in my attic :-) anyway glad you enjoy it thats what its there for x bernie


                  I really hope Fool's Gold and Starhammer will make it on the next hipotetical Roadworks. Year Zero is another loved one which I hope to hear someday on a live record. Also Hogwash/Eagle's Son was a blast in Genova, very powerful!


                    Here's my 3 x LP Roadwork VI from the Crucible-tour:

                    Side A:

                    For Mad Men Only (ca. 6 mins)

                    Mantrick Muffin Stomp (ca. 9 mins)

                    Master Builder (ca. 7 mins)

                    Side B:

                    The Crucible (ca. 22 mins)

                    Side C:

                    Nature's Way (ca. 4 mins)

                    The Other Fool (ca. 6 mins)

                    Heartattack Mac (ca. 13 mins)

                    Side D:

                    Starhammer (ca. 19 mins)

                    Side E:

                    The Wheel (ca. 22 mins)

                    Side F:

                    Fools Gold (ca. 18 mins)

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                  …hanging on to the trip you're on since 1994