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      The autumn tour is over, time to gather fresh memories before the bootlegs let us go deeper:

      What songs/versions of the Crucible II tour would deserve a Roadwork release?

      My choice:

      – Starhammer (!)

      – Mountain

      – August

      – The Tower

      – Hogwash/Spin + Bonny combos

      And any Fools Gold. Lux Aeterna also became a majestic closer to a show. Not sure if Whip That Ghost was nailed this tour. (I attended Cologne, Leipzig, Berlin and Hengelow).

      If we add the first leg of the tour there is more to add of course, alone Leuven held at least three candidates (Lacuna Spacerise, Pacific Sonata, Fools Gold).


        Haven't attended any of the latest shows, but Fool's gold was amazing in Trondheim this spring as well. Really hope to hear that on a roadwork soon. Have we ever had Black to comm on a live record? I think that track swings live. I'd also like to hear a Year zero some time.


          I could only attend Bremen in the second leg. I liked Whip That Ghost a lot, highlight was without any doubt Fools Gold. Sadly, I didn't have a Starhamster.

          I was in Hamburg in spring, so I had two Ãœberpilgrims this year and that was another highlight of the whole tour for me.

          @Flippern: B2C is on RW I


            The Wheel in The Hague


              Generally I liked the long long long pieces best – lots of space to explore. So the Berlin Hogspin-Halleluwash is one of my favourites, same as one of these two last German Starhmmers (Leipzig or Berlin). In comparison & hindsight I find the Cologne show rather dissappointing – although there was some good noodling at the start and a wonderful Fool's Gold at the end.

              What about Whip that Brother / Song for a Ghost? Probably the Bremen one, but there were lots of other good versions on this tour.

              The Crucible material doesn't develop much on a live record – it is great live material, but giving that it was probably recorded almost live in the studio there is not much difference apart from the various noise/freakout parts. Probably Psychotzar as an opener?

              I would always swap that for The Cuckoo – rarely played on this tour but still awaiting a live relase. The Berlin version?

              The Sonata should also find its place on the next possible RW record – so why not make it a triple one again?

              And this was only the choice from the second leg of the Crucible tour…

              edit: I forgot that brilliant Cologne August version – to be included!


                Lux, Fool's and a really really really trippy Sonata.


                  Every "Starhammer" and "Tower" jam, just the jams.

                  The Leipzig or Hengelo "Mountain".


                    One thing I wish for is that no songs are spread out over two sides of the vinyl. It happens twice on RW5, and it really ruins the listening pleasure for me. I'd prefer shorter versions with no interuptions.






                    Fool's Gold

                    The Cr0ucible


                    An accompanying CD would help solve the long track problem.

                      An accompanying CD would help solve the long track problem.

                      Sure, I know, and those of us who actually prefer to play our vinyls only have ourselves to blame – that's life. But what surprises me is that this has happened on Motorpsycho releases, although Bent etc praises and values the vinyl format.

                      Sadly, I've only listened through the complete RW5 twice, because it's too annoying. Still, yes, I understand: that's MY problem.


                        Vote for The Tower in Frankfurt

                        Krist Rampage

                          They have been touring quite a lot with Reine Fiske over the last few years. What i’d like to hear on a new RW is songs that really show the magic of this lineup. Songs as August, Triggerman, the Tower.


                            I only attended the Leipzig Show.

                            So my Favs are:




                            If there were good Versions of Triggerman, SongBro, Sonata or Hogwash I'd like to have them on the Record to :D

                              The Wheel in The Hague


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