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      – that wonderful bizarre Bizarre festival '02 gig –

      has grown with me from year to year. On first watching the Rockpalast video on TV I was duly disappointed – rather flat Rockpalast sound, lame audience reactions, rather short festival gig, very bizarre set list – not just the selection itself, but also the order of songs played…

      After listening to it several times I began to realize what an extraordinary gig that was. Still way to short, but man: Song for A Bro & that Supertristano with JJ Horns! Black to Comm! Shame the audience obviously didn't get it. But hey – what can you expect from a big festival KoЯn audience…


        regarding bizarre/jaga jazzist: i've always stated that brass is not cool / jeg har alltid sagt at korps ikke er kult :-D

        bizarre was not good then, i doubt it is any better now, but i'll give it another chance some day ;-) i still rate that gig as one of the worst i've attended by mp. anders – where do i find a recording? :-D


          Hier gehst du hin:


          Kid A
            I think Taifun is from the Zwolle gig because it is how i remember them playing it. I think.

            Makes sense, as it was the last song in Zwolle and on RW V it definitely sounds like a finale with the long audience recording


            I attended the MP concert at Bizarre festival in 2002, I agree with mefisto that it was one of the worst. However, the day before in Cologne was much better, a really great concert.

            The Other Anders

              Agreed, the Cologne concert the day before was very good, and better than Bizarre setlist-wise and playing-wise.

              Cologne had "Theme de Yoyo", "Sinful, Wind-borne", Upstairs-Downstairs, and "Pills, Powders + Passion Plays", while Bizarre had "Nothing To Say". The "Supertristano/Black To Comm"-segment was longer in Cologne.

              There were also a few other very apparent differences:

              Club vs festival (although, Cologne was part of Popkomm)

              Devoted audience vs casual

              Indoor vs outdoor

              Nighttime spot vs daytime spot (in fact both concerts were played within less than 24h)

              Air condition vs sun/30° C

              1,5h vs 1h

              Cologne was also filmed, at least parts of it. Together these two concerts could serve as a very good illustration of the different extremes band and audiences alike can experience from just one concert to the next, and also help explain some of the reasons for being a Psychonaut!

              The Other Anders

                Is everyone here aware of the fantastic documentation of the 2006 BH/BC tour that amazingly enough still is available on Øyvind Brandtsegg's webpage of documentation for his master thesis?

                In my collection, these recordings serve as:

                ROADWORK 3.5 – Spacedogs and other assorted jam songs

                1) Un Chien d’espace [30:54] – Brussels, May 7th 2006

                2) Sancho Says [6:14] – Halden, April 27th 2006

                3) Un Chien d’espace [34:52] – Darmstadt, May 14th 2006

                4) Triggerman [9:53] – Rimini, May 11th 2006

                5) Un Chien d’espace [21:41] – Rimini, May 11th 2006

                Leipzig was not part of this tour, but notice that Brandtsegg, while probably not aware of it, has picked soley classic MP venues/cities in regards to where the far-out stuff usually occurs!


                  Yep, I was aware of that one, TheOtherAnders.

                  In fact, the version of Chien from Brussels might just be the best

                  one I've ever heard!

                  Also a great Rimini-version of my favorite BH/BC track, Triggerman :D


                    Agreed that Brussel 2006 was stunning!

                    I was there and was blown away by the majestic Chien :-)

                    The Other Anders

                      @mefisto: Have you got/do you need the complete souvenir? Did you do the whole tour, or was Brussels your last? I remember regretting turning back home after Münster…


                      Now on Spotify!

                      The Other Anders

                        RWIII and V?


                        I must be the last one to recieve RW 5 😂 more than a month after release. It got stuck in customs. Anyway it's the Rune with CD and it's rolling to and from work 👍👍👍👍


                          Highlights from 3 and 5:

                          – Stained Glass (finally on vinyl)

                          – 577 (its a laser beam)

                          – Manmower (Only thing missing here is a segue into The Wheel, but what can you do)

                          – Neverland (you know you love it)


                            What about a far spaced out version with much jamming of Whip that ghost from Ltec for Roadworks 6..? Would be great to hear…I Would love to hear a 30 minute version like Un chien…

                            Does someone here having a good live version of Whip that ghost I mean in good quality and a bit longer..?


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                          …hanging on to the trip you're on since 1994