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    Punj Lizard

      @JERO – I agree almost completely. I listened to those Schizoid Man compilations just once. But I enjoyed the stitched one simply for the guitar work. I would not want to see this done again and certainly not by MP. I only mentioned it because of TraktorBass's Neverland post. Great Deceiver is a brilliant live document of the best (IMHO) incarnation of KC. Aside from the superb songs they wrote … like you say, improv and adventure are what set them (and MP) apart from the crowd. As far as MP keeping it fresh and exciting, I liken their approach to that of Neil Young: write the songs, get in the studio and play them, release an album, go on tour and play them – but above all, let those songs grow and breath and evolve in the process – and let it all happen as organically as possible. To do this you have to be a certain type of musician, a certain type of person. Bent and Snah seem to be that type of person, that type of musician. BRING ON THE ROADWORKS!! :STG:


      Hoping for 1 song per LP side!

      Great King Rat

        I'd like some Bremen.


          Roadwork V as a 3 LP volume is adequate, but the tracks should have been:

          LP1 (2013)



          Ãœberwagner feat. the Pilgrim


          True Middle

          The Ocean In Her Eye

          Fool's Gold

          LP2 (2014) A&B:

          Düsseldorf Thunderhell

          LP3 (2015)


          Year Zero

          Through The Veil



          On A Plate

          Into The Sun

          Sadly MP missed the opportunity to record some of their best live output of the Kenneth era. The tours 2013 – 2015 were just brilliant. When they finally tried in 2016 it was already too late – probably appropriate that the attempted recordings didn't turn out satisfactory.

          So this fictional RW V will probably enter MP history as the Great Lost Roadwork.

          Oh yes – and it should of course be called "A Collection Of Great Motorpsychedelic Dance Songs" ;-)

          RW V should thus actually be RW VI.

          Anyway – it's much anticipated under any name.


            In the spirit of 'a box full of Californias', how about this little gem (which I don't have, unfortunately):

            A Lot of Sorrow, the National's collaboration with the Icelandic artist Ragnar Kjartansson, found the band playing their song "Sorrow" repeatedly for six hours at MoMA PS1. They've now released the entire performance as a box set composed of nine clear LPs featuring approximately 105 iterations of the song.

            Anyway – looking forward to RW-V!

            And, I must say, I agree with Johnny in the post above here. Although I'd go further back in time.

            Most of my hair fell off during that first meeting with Kenneth and the (then unnamed) LLM suite on that festival in Den Haag (when was this? 2006? 2007?). Still hasn't grown back.


            Yeah I really hoped for a RW V of the Fiske-tours, but too bad. Would've loved to have a live-recording of Barleycorn with that extending ending as well. Luckily some nice recordings of a.o. Ãœberpilgrim and Fools Gold can be found on Vimeo, better than nothing!


              I'll take whatever but really wouldn't mind RW VI and VII being Timothy at Oya & A Unicorn at the Opera on DVD, but I've heard there's copyright contractual problems, at least with the Timmy show. :( (Hm, I think I've been posting this every 6 months…) But hey at least we got the Box of Demons :)


              @ Rune: Excellent! That 2007 The Hague show was something else indeed! Only 1 hour but they boys where spot-on! That Vortex Surfer is perhaps the best one I have seen live!

              Some vids:


              LLM Part 1:

              LLM Part 2:

              The very, very end of Kill Devil Hills > Vortex Surfer:

              All that, said; the pinnacle of the Kenneth years is no doubt this one date: October 20th, 2008.

              A dark, rainy Monday night in Rotterdam had the boys play the now defunct (I think) Watt Club in Rotterdam for an estimated audience of 400-500.

              The band started the show with a no-nonse, ready to fly, rendition of Un Chien. No intro jam, just the classic intro and 5 minutes later we're all in a collective space-out.

              Some 20-25 minutes later we catch out breaths with a smooth Year Zero before the Glow > Hogwash > Halleluwah > Howash sequence brings us to the same heights of Un Chien. Surely that Glow > Hogwash thingie they did in 2008 has some of the most underrated jams of the bands entire career.

              The Sound of the show is damn near perfect. Loud, yes. But clear as crystal, preserving the details in each instrument beautifully. And this being a Monday night the bar-hugging 'my-life-story-is-more-important-than-the-show' have thankfully stayed home.

              The band responds to the respect they get from the crowd by holding up the laid-back, grooving vibe throughout a string of songs and jams reminiscent of 97/98 to end the main show, and a tasty Little Lucid Moments as a 1st encore, all the way to the 2nd encore: a stunning rendition of All is Loneliness with a long outro where we find the band slowly winding down the proceedings until Bent finally closes out the show by repeating the title in ever lower volume until only a whisper remains. A heartfelt WOW for this one!

              The 5 min video highlights here doesn't do any justice to the sound but certainly taste like more:


              1. Un chien d'espace

              2. Year Zero (A damage report) –>

              3. Glow –>

              4. Hogwash / Halleluwah / Hogwash

              5. Taifun

              6. She Left on the Sun Ship

              7. Step Inside

              8. Vanishing Point

              9. Greener –>

              10.Flick of the Wrist

              11.Little Lucid Moments

              12.All Is Loneliness


                ah, my den haag recordings… by the way, I may have some more from that era… :wink:


                  Utrecht, may 2008

                  Eindhoven, may 2008

                  Cologne, may 2008

                  anyone intrested?


                    oh I just found a video of glow->hogwash from eindhoven 2008… I think I should finally open that vault…


                      @chien, I’m interested in these shows :D can these be uploaded on motortrades?


                        Urgent request:

                        Please upload shows on DIME first. Contrary to motortrades DIME is not exclusive – you can go on uploading them elsewhere (i.e. motortrades) next.

                        Several of us are not on mtrades and – at least for my part – are quite content with DIME.

                        So – please!!!


                          @johnny: to get you started, Cologne 2008-05-18 has fairly recently been reseeded on Dime


                            So here's the first teaser:


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