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      Feel was also missing from the original CD release. No room for it I assume.


        Aaahh.. It was on the original LP release. 20 years as a fan, and I never knew that.. (Untrue fan-alert!)


          Feel was a vinyl only track :-)

          Kid A

            And a fantastic version it is!

            I would have loved The Tower on this one, one of the highlights in last year´s set.

            And TGC from Bremen.

            And so many more :mrgreen:


              Info from Rune Grammofon:

              Motorpsycho – Roadwork Vol. 1, Vol. 2, Vol. 3 and Vol. 5

              We can finally confirm that the release date for all four editions will be 22nd June.

              Pre-orders will start next Friday (25th May), late afternoon.

              All on this mailing-list will receive notice.

              Max 2 copies of each coloured edition per customer.

              Orders not respecting this will be cancelled.

              Please note that we have printed 500 coloured copies of each edition,

              meaning there should be enough for everyone this time.

              Krist Rampage



                  Info from Stickman too:

                  Presales for all 5 volumes of the Motorpsycho Roadwork series are going live next Friday, May 25th, 4 pm CET.

                  Roadwork is a series of live recordings released on no particular schedule by the band whenever they deem appropriate. Previously only volumes 1, 2 and 4 were available on CD and LP, while volume 3 was only available as part of the Haircuts DVD. Along with these 4 records, we're bringing you the brand new volume 5 including music from recent Motorpsycho tours with Kristoffer Lo.

                  These 5 records will all be available on colored 180gr vinyl – stop by next Friday to preorder your copies!


                    Be interesting to see what color vinyl the Vol. 4 edition from Stickman will be. Seeing as the color of the others (as indicated by Runegrammofon) follow the color tone of the pictures on the album covers, maybe orange/light brownish?


                      Hell (Part1-5)…looking forward to ordering them tomorrow. No limits on Stickman,

                      but I guess no shipping to Norway. And…they did believe me with a bloodred Vol.1.

                      Told them a few times, as I don't have that one on VINYL. My buddy Markus has that signed,

                      maybe one day I'll kill him for that…hahahaha…

                      Tonight is Peter Hammill. Wish me luck for taping. TyskSpacey

                      oh…and of course the Lacuna jam must be from Leipzig. 26 mins of pure magic.

                      Who needs Chick Corea on Fender Rhodes if you have Kristoffer Lo?

                      Punj Lizard

                        So today's the day – presale at Stickman starts at 1600 CET.

                        I still can't decide what to do. I don't have a record player, and the only vinyl I currently own is En Konsert For Folk Flest. I'm pretty sure 5 will be released on CD or download at some point. But will 3? Should I just dive in and buy both vinyl/CD packages anyway? Decisions decisions.


                          I do have RW III on DVD and extracted the audio for private use on CD – but still I think this is no comparison to a specially mastered good old vinyl copy.

                          In hindsight I regret not having bought several MP records on vinyl (Phanerothyme, BHBC), even though I mostly listened to CDs at the time. In fact MP turned me back to vinyl again.

                          I never regretted buying any MP album on vinyl, even though I had most of them on CD already. They're getting quite rare after a while, or at least don't lose much value over the years. And maybe one day you'll even own a record player again?

                          Punj Lizard

                            @Johnny I wouldn't buy vinyl simply because the albums retain or go up in value. I'm not interested in buying them with a future thought of re-selling them. I also think it highly unlikely that I'll ever buy a record player or get back into buying vinyl instead of CD or download. The only thing I miss about vinyl is the packaging. To my worn down ears, there's no material difference in the sound. I'm also not going to be a collector – a friend who also just got into MP about six months ago immediately started collecting everything on vinyl – he alrady has about 95% of the back catalogue! He'll be ordering all the new Roadwork vinyl releases (1, 2, 3, 5) this afternoon. I'll probably still end up buying the vinyl/CD package anyway – I have a feeling this is going to be a purchase driven by emotion :D


                              Orders at Rune are up.


                                Order placed @ Stickman, site even went down there for a bit!

                                Decided on vol. 3 and 5, since I already own vol. 4 and have 1 & 2 on cd.

                                Definately the best way to spend some money on records.


                                  Vol 3 + 5 ordered. Exciting times as always! The Demon box box is supposed to come next week as well. :MPD:

                                  @punj if you usually buy CDs, look at them as CDs with really awesome packaging.

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