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      Orders at Rune are up.

      Where? Only says "coming up" when I try to click on the RW 5 releases…

      EDIT: Nevermind, the "add to cart" buttons appeared now :lol:


        Please can you confirm if all versions include a CD. It looks like the Stickman versions don't have a CD while the Rune Grammofon ones do? Or perhaps it wasn't clear on the website.


          1, 3, 4, 5 ordered on vinyl. Already had 2. Good times & well spent finances! :MPD:


            @ Punj Lizard: So should it be. I started rebying the stuff on vinyl almost exclusively for the emotional extra value.

            Then sometimes vinyl really sounds better – but that depends on the mastering of album and/or CD. Many early CD reissues of great albums were just awful soundwise. My copy of "Axis Bold As Love" I bought second hand in London ages ago with lots of surface scratches still sounds much much better than most of its rereleases.

            What I meant regarding collector value – sometimes you decide to get the album version years after release and then have to face astronomical prices which is just a shame.

            On the other hand with MP vinyl it will not happen to you that you will find your favourite albums in the cheap sale department after a while which can be quite heartbreaking for a true fan. Happened to me with my favourite Hawkwind albums of the early 90s…

            schnu underberg

              Hey, got 3 and 5 at Rune and Stickman. The others, 1,2,4 i bought while they came out, years ago. But i dont need the cloured reissues. Mostly i buy 2 pieces from special editions, to have something for swapping or as a present for friends.

              Does someone have "strings of stroop", the last vinyl witch is missing in my collection???


                @airguitarhero Stickman version comes with download voucher, not with cd, like Rune does.


                Ordered the whole buch at Stickman…was just surprised that 3 and 5 weren´t available on black vinyl, too, as on Rune…


                Is Vol. 4 not available on Rune on coloured vinyl?

                  Is Vol. 4 not available on Rune on coloured vinyl?

                  No, I think they still have the original press still available.


                    Stickman's cover images of RW V say "2LP" while it should say "3LP" – hope this is only on the pics and not on the real artwork ;-)


                      Oh well..just got home after 2 nights with Peter Hammill. Impressive.

                      Ordered the whole bunch as well. Looks nice. FUCK CD. VINYL RULES!


                        Ordered 1-5!!!!! Yey

                        Krist Rampage

                          Ordered 3 & 5. Sllightly dissapointed that the Stickman version doesn't include the cds but excited nevertheless.

                          Punj Lizard

                            @Johnny, @Elvin – I am persuaded. Decided on both 3 and 5 in coloured vinyl from Rune. :D


                              Thanks Smarti333s, really appreciate it. I am still in the CD camp but will probably choose the cheapest option to deliver 3 and 5 to the UK. I don't mind missing the coloured vinyl. Peace to all.

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