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    got a partial setlist from a friend;

    see no evil, all is loneliness, watersound, plan#1, feel, the alchemyst.. greener last encore after 2 rounds of encores.

    “best mp-club-gig since the 90’s” according to my friend who has probably seen them every year since 92-93 or so..

    still no trondheim-gig in the pipeline???



    Setlist as I remember it:

    Year Zero

    For Free


    High Time

    Whole Lotta Diana

    No Evil

    Mr. Victim

    Bedroom Eyes


    The Ozzylot


    All Is loneliness

    Plan #1



    Kill Devil Hills

    The Alchemyst



    wow, they even fit Glow in there!

    change high time and kill devil hills for whatever tune released in the 90’s and you’d have an instant CLASSIC!!



      That setlist looks pretty accurate.

      Easily the second best MP gig I’ve ever seen (26-04-2002 is still the very best). And for once a great audience digging the long epics and the more unknown songs (and not screaming for the hits which were basicly absent tonight)

      The way they’re playing nowadays, seeing one gig only just seems too scarce. I’m seriously considering taking the train to Gothenburg October 30th. I seriously envy you Europeans who have tickets to several gigs.

      Highlight: When Snah tore a string during the climax/last verse of The Alchemyst, and he somehow came up with an alternative way of playing the lines without that fucking string. IMPRESSIVE! And well, a bunch of other highlights too many to mention here…

      The only downer was that they only played 2hrs and 10 mins. I could’ve easily tolerated a few more songs :lol:


      I thought that me and Motorpsycho were about to part ways……………..

      Of course I would always have tons of great releases from the past and a lot of happy memories, as I’ve seen every Rockefeller gig since the mid-nineties.

      But ever since the LTEC-era I’ve struggeled to get into the new material, (although LLM was a pleasant surprise)and before this show, I did, for the first time, consider not going to a nearby Motorpsycho show. It was the 20-year-anniversary-thing that convinced me to buy a ticket. Maybe there would be some surprises from the old days?

      There weren’t……except that it was the best show I have seen them play in A LONG TIME. From the amazing opener Year Zero, to the final chords of Greener they had me hanging on to every note played. I think the jam parts are better than ever. Snah is turning into a guitar legend!! Never seen him play better!!! And Kenneth is amazing as well. I love his drumming and didn’t miss Geb for a second.

      Of course if I could pick and choose they would have played a lot more of the old stuff, but even the new songs that I’ve struggeled to get into on record, got a new life in the live environment. So to everyone going to see them later on… Enjoy!!!

      …………….and me and Motorpsycho are still a couple. See you next time!!!

      PS(When will next time be? Thought I heard Bent say that it will be a long time before they play here again as he exited the stage!!??)

        Thought I heard Bent say that it will be a long time before they play here again as he exited the stage!!??)


        are you sure???

        thanx for your impressions guys

        looking forward to the german tour leg :MPD:


        Ahhh, good to have news (and detailed reports ;-) early in the morning – thanks :)


          Another detail I noticed: During the mid-section of Greener they did start playing a portion of Flick Of The Wrist.

          Thought I heard Bent say that it will be a long time before they play here again as he exited the stage!!??)

          I think he just said “see you next time”

          so no worries

          very very good consert.

          the band was in a good mood, smiling and laughing, even a little improvised dance during the outro of high time.

          the setlist was very good in my opinion. Cornucopia—All Is Loneliness—Plan#1 was outofthisworld. A little letdown with the first encore perhaps, with the exception of Feel and the last part of KDH, which was greeeeaat.

          Sound was good, at least were I stood. I also think they sung better than ever, almost not out of tune all the time :-)

          And kudos to the Rockefeller-crowd this time, they were reasonably quiet. Actually DEAD silent during the quiet part of Greener. Impressive.


            Wow! two of my favorites from Timothy’s in there as well. I’m really looking forward to the Bergen gig now:)

            I had hoped this would be the tour that brought The Golden Core back to life, tho


              Thanks for he setlist and the reports! I hope “Bedroom eyes” will be laid to rest before they hit Europe :-)


              It was indeed a very good concert. The COTF stuff was fabolous live. I really don’t understand how they manage to pin down such excellent tunes time after time. No other bands in Norway are even close to MP. Here’s my breakdown of the setlist:

              Year Zero – Great. I really like the dynamics of this song (especially live)

              For Free – Heavy and intense. Excellent. Full power.

              Glow – I cannot recollect having hear this version before. Nevertheless, VERY nice.

              High Time – One of the best song intros ever. Excellent.

              Whole Lotta Diana – Not my favourite from COTF, but still very tight and cool live. Veeery cool jam.

              No Evil – Good, but I find this boring live. Been played too often.

              Mr. Victim – I love it. Snahs vocal is great on this song. Really nice.

              Bedroom Eyes – OK, but I would prefer accoustic guitar here…Very good singing.

              Watersound – One of my all time favourites live. With the strobes going mad at the quite->heavy transition it’s mindblowing

              The Ozzylot – Very cool and groovy.

              Cornucopia – My favourite (alon with Riding the Tiger) from COTF. Really cool live.

              All Is loneliness – Very nice “dark” and hard hitting version. The Moog Taurus shaking my guts to pieces.

              Plan #1 – Very nice as usual. Could possibly be skipped (played a lot live last tours)

              Feel – Bent fucked up the start so they started over. Not a favourite, but OK.

              Upstairs&Downstairs – I love this song (and the trio versions of it live), but I don’t think they managed to nail it this time. Still good though.

              Kill Devil Hills – Yes! Very good with the classic hard hitting ending. Great!

              The Alchemyst – Oh yes….sweeeet. The intiensity of this song live is immense. Got the adrenaline really going!

              Greener – On of the best performances of this I’ve ever seen live. And the crowd was indeed TOTALLY quite during the quite parts. I was almost shocked! Great way to end the gig.

              I must admit that I missed a song or two from Trust Us. Say VS in stead of Feel and Taifun in stead of No Evil and it would have ranged in the top 3 MP gigs I’ve been to.


              God damn, sounds like an awesome evening, I could not afford it, and Im only an hour away. Remember, the guys decide the tunes just before they go out on stage, by choosing what they feel up to, and what they think is going to work. That`s some of the mp-magic right there..

              – whole lotta economic grievances –



                Shit, shit, shit. That is one of the best shows I have seen them play ever. I say that every time, don’t I? Anyway. Plan #1! Watersound, Feel, Greener, completely awesome jams..

                And Kenneth during the Alchemyst, he was like as steam locomotive.. Talk about mono mind.

                PS(When will next time be? Thought I heard Bent say that it will be a long time before they play here again as he exited the stage!!??)

                Yeah, whats with the Rockefeller-hating lately?


                  A little visual evidence from yesterday’s show:

         (Year Zero)

         (Bedroom Eyes)

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