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    Hei godtfolk!

    Jeg har nylig kjøpt opp en samling med diverse MP utgivelser, og ønsker å bytte/selge noen titler.

    Bor sentralt i Oslo, men kan sende innenlands pr post mot porto.

    Mail meg på sernst(at) med evt. tilbud/bytteforslag.

    Har dobbelt opp av følgende:

    *Soothe 12" SOLGT

    *Demon Box LP (side 1/2 -3/4)

    *Timothy's Monster LP Box (Harvest)

    *The Tussler 10" SOLGT

    *AADAP LP (first press, Stickman)

    *Blissard LP (1. press, Stickman) SOLGT

    *Trust Us LP (1. press)

    *Roadworks vol 1 LP

    *Let Them Eat Cake LP (1. press)

    *Roadworks vol 2 LP

    *Phanerothyme LP (1. press) SOLGT

    *Little Lucid Moments LP (multicolored) SOLGT

    *Child Of The Future LP (Rune Grammofon) SOLGT

    *Wearing Your Smell 10"

    *The Nerve Tattoo 10"

    *Manmower 10" SOLGT

    *Starmelt 10" SOLGT

    *Ozone 10"

    *Hey Jane 10"

    *The Other Fool 10"

    *The Visitant 7" SOLGT

    *X-3 (Knuckleheads In Space) 7" (Black)

    *X-3 7" (White)

    *Mad Sun 7" (Yellow Sawblade) SOLGT

    *Mot Riving CDs (Split med Tre Små Kinesere)

    *Go To California, CDs promo SOLGT


    *Tussler OST 12"

    *This Is Motorpsycho VHS

    *Blissard LP (Colombia)

    *The M-BOX -edited, more info underneath


    Pris for Timothys Monster, Blissard, AADAP, Phanerothyme, Let Them Eat Cake, Trust Us og Little Lucid Moments?


    Lovecult Metal Box?


    Hi Sernst,

    are you willing to trade "Soothe" for "Strings of stroop"?

    If so, please email me on




    @Odin -send meg en mail.


    The Metalbox (M-BOX) was never sold over counter, had "It's A Love Cult" cd an "Serpentine" promo CDs.

    Pretty big tribal-metalbox including the cd (in sort of a velvet-bag), the promo CDs, engraved pin (in a numbered ziplock-bag), engraved Zippo-lighter (yes-tribal! very cool), T-shirt, This Is Motorpsycho VHS, the "Vortex Surfer" musical box, Tribal sticker, Tribal black plastic bag, keychain, patch and the "Trust Us" matchbox.

    There are 10 copies in existence, and I think 3-4 copies went further than the band/producers.

    A friend of mine won this at a fair here in Oslo where they had sort of a "most dedicated fan" competition.

    He won this with his Harley Davidson "Fat Boy" with MP-tribal painted tank. VERY nice!

    I think this was back in 2003.

    Sort of an "Ultimate Fan"-box.


    then it should be added to our discography section here…


    If I remember correctly it was something that Knut Akselssen of Kiss Ass merchadise made. I have seen it but I dont think many was made of it


    So it was Kjellepelle..

    A total of 10 Boxes were made for the motorpsycho exibition.

    It says "M-BOX" on top, and has the tribal in front.


    Update on the M-BOX in the thread (5th post)


    finnes det noen bilder av boksen?














    Jeg er interessert i:

    AADAP LP (first press, Stickman)

    Let Them Eat Cake LP (1. press)

    Starmelt 10"

    Tilstand/ pris ?



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