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    Best show in years! Incredible sound and only 150 people attendence plus a playlist including Plan 1, Hej Jane, Heart attack Mac, and No evil made that one a real treat. Fourth musician Kristoffer Lo !?!? on Mellotron, guitar and horn. What a show. Complete setlist comes later.


      Demon Box?!!???

      Update: :wink:


      Sorry for the confusion (no demon Box!)


        As far as I could tell:


        Intrepid Explorer


        Dream home







        Ship o’ fools

        No evil

        Hey Jane




        Fools Gold

        Fantastic show! Way too bass heavy where I was standng though, but over all fantastic!


          Yezzz, total brilliance! As I've studied the setlists from the Norwegian part of the tour, "No evil" and "Hey, Jane" came as nice surprises. Great choices, both of them! I LOVE the latter!

          For once they choose to regularly play my favorite tracks off the album they are touring. Lovely! "ASFE" not a fave of mine, neither a regular (yet), but still OK, despite being one of the "lowpoints" of the show, together with "Fools gold", actually (great on record, but sort of anticlimax finishing the gig).

          Good sound where I was standing (in front of Bent). Live Tomas REALLY convinced me he's the perfect successor of Kenneth! Pure awesomeness throughout, and with his own style, flow and feel! Very welcome! Cool also to see him stand up for some backing vocals :)

          Weird fact: first "Plan #1" live for me, and I've seen Mp 14 times (starting 1996). Finally, haha! I mean, it's not rare that they play it, I've just been unlucky.

          A few pix – of course quite halfassed (hey, I'm not cam wiz ThorEgil) – including a surprisingly hairless Tomas:


          Thank you Hyena for the playlist; that's what I remembered as well. Can somebody confirm who the fourth member of the band was yesterday night! As I wrote before; I think it was Kristoffer Lo, the other half of YODOK, even though he surprised me with his mellotron and guitar skills. The track he played amplified horn was absolutely fantastic almost epic. I am wishing for a YODOK III/Motorpsycho split concert since I know how Dirk Serries sound and ambient skills would work for the longer experimental tacks. When announcing a guest I was first thinking of Reine Fiske or maybe Nicolas Barker from Anekdoten; both were present in the audience obviously enjoying the concert. Thomas is already absolutely integrated in the band and I am amazed how spacious and sensitive his drumming is with Motorpsycho. He leaves a lot of space to Snah and is in constant communication with Bent. Twice he even dropped in a little "Reggae" shuffle and many times his skills as a "Jazz" drummer were very present. With Motorpsycho it's like with Zappa; how could one choose a favourite drummer or collaborator as they all are great musicians. Unfortunately I will miss the German/Dutch/Belgium leg of the tour this time, but one can hope for return in 2018.


            Hey, great stuff! You have captured some psychonauts! That's more important than the old geezers on stage – we have seen them before :D

            Tomas seems to have decided for the maintenance free tour style. And the horn guy over at the other side of the stage is K-Lo – if anybody is still wondering.


              Oh, how I love that time of year when the day starts with checking for last night's setlist!


                Some additional info:

                Approx. 2h 20m, there was a ten oclock curfew. No visuals, I suspect the stage was too small. Bent introduced Kristoffer as "Susanna". And, still no HMF with Tomas (right?) which to me is a bummer. Wouldn't mind me some Tomas-infused Starhammer.


                  I've never heard of Kristoffer but apparently he's a very unique and interesting guy: :)


                    Kristoffer Lo's guitar skills should not be a surprise, as he plays (played?) alot of guitar in his (old?) band Highasakite! I hope they keep him around, at least when he is available, because I believe he could be that element that could make alot of songs from Phanerothyme, Let Them Eat Cake etc work.

                    Great King Rat
                      Oh, how I love that time of year when the day starts with checking for last night's setlist!

                      Yeah, it's almost like a fifth season!


                        …nice audience recording up on DIME in a few moments. Includes the setlist scan… :D

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                      …hanging on to the trip you're on since 1994