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      So I've been trying to figure out Upstairs – Downstairs for solo acoustic guitar. Standard tuning.

      Tricky business as the studio version has two guitars, horns and strings. To make matters worse, one guitar is in DADADe tuning (capo on 2) and the other in standard. The open chords on the DADADe guitar and little filler chords in between doesn't make it easier. There are some smaller transitions I have cheekily ignored because of this.

      Playing the chords as partial barre chords helps emulate that open tuning feel, i.e. 099800 instead of a full barre B, X07650 instead of a standard A (X02220) and so on.

      The open tuning probably also means that the actual chords used are more spicy than the garden variety triads I have noted down.

      Anyway. I was hoping for some help or collaboration. I think I'm on the right track, but I am struggling with certain chords and transitions.

      For example, is that a G#m or a B in the verses? ("Those lofty visions.." and "Some need sobering.."). Or does the song alternate between them? Perhaps someone with a better ear could sort it out. They sound more or less interchangeable to me when playing solo and singing on top.

      The little transitions from verse to.. Well, other parts (where is the chorus? :D ). They are finicky. Not too sure about those at all. Difficult to find chords to match the melodic runs.

      Any help would be appreciated, and do feel free to completely wreck my work so far. No fear.

      A few online resources:

      Official lyrics and tuning from Bent:

      Tab from Ultimate Guitar:

      Some chords from Chordify:


      E > Em > A

      repeat until:
      G#m > ? > C

      Revolving 'round the core
      G#m A
      Those lofty visions
      B A E
      Some need sobering and others less delay
      G#m A C#m A
      Mindgame focus yesterday
      B A
      Upstairs and downstairs
      The mess is all complete
      G#m A
      An equal share
      B A
      Of chances and numbers
      A seven year old's fear
      B A
      Of what might show up next
      G#m A
      When he's out there

      E (E-riff)
      Stitching on your angelwings
      Project on you like anything
      C#m F# or A
      Impress you while I can
      E (E-riff)
      Tell me now what I like the best
      Sweet indulging-not grotesqe
      C# or G#m > F# or A
      I'll forgive you anything
      C#m C Bm E
      And really hope to make it up to you someday

      C D E
      'less the game it happened yesterday

      C D E
      'less the game it happened yesterday

      C D E
      The moon is not as hollow as they say

      Outro = Intro

      edit: Forum is truncating whitespaces so that the chords are all stuck together on each line. How do I fix this?

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