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      Okay first off all I AM NOT that Acidhead like it may seem… 😂 But I have my experiences with some substances…

      It's kind of strange that allmost no one until now discussed this here except for the saved chat back from 2002…

      In there is an interview with Snah,-my allways loved Guitar Guru – saying he personally NEVER had a psychedelic experience beside Pot smoking…

      I don't know how it is with the other band Members…

      But doesn't feel somebody of you being cheated somehow..? I am for allmost 20 years a motorpsychonaut and I never doubted that at least in the 90s the guys were all true Acidheads..

      It's somehow like singing about Sex when you are a Virgin.. It can be something in there but common…

      And what about lyrics like Sideways spiral I sung by snah..

      High on the hopes for the chemical wedding

      The promised state and the perfect setting praying to the beat…

      … And then later he sings of the perfect trips for sale..

      And I mean that is just one example of so many from so many albums..

      Is it really so that Bent does most of the Work on the tracks..?

      And I personally not found anything about Drugs and bent except for that saved chat from 2002…

      I mean it would definitely matter to me like I've said before it would somehow be like a casted group for psychedelic music…

      All the guys from 2002 said mostly don't care about it and most of you here today reacted the same but I am really sad since I read that…

      I know there will be no clear answer cause even if you would be Bent personally you could talk bullshit like maybe Snah does in this case.

      But aren't here some Psychonauts who are really somehow upset about this or do you all know since 2002…?😂

      And please no reactions like it doesn't matter, I don't care about drugs, drugs have nothing to do with creativity lol..

      Motorpsychodelic greetings dudes…


        I've listened to this band since 1991. Never have I wondered if MP are doing drugs or not. It is simply not important at all. Drugs and alcohol are useless anyway. There are much better things in life :-) And no, I definitely don't feel cheated. I am just happy to know this wonderful band for so long!


          This brings to mind a similar discussion about another favourite of mine, Pink Floyd. They're also often labeled as a "drug band", or at least as a band where "Let's smoke some weed and listen to Pink Floyd" seems to be the consensus. Yet none of the band members were much into drugs – apart from Syd, who dropped out early, in more than one sense. And I've always enjoyed their music, and without the need of any additional stimulants.

          Some people make good music while sober, others make good music while under the influence. As long as no one comes to harm, and the music sounds awesome, people can choose one or the other freely as far as I'm concerned.


            Must we start this same discussion all over again? (see working methods thread). Or is this a bad acid flashback of some kind? Agree with Mephisto here. :?


            Ah, my best friend in the world. You are truely one of the dumbest pieces of fluff that ever blew out from under the sofa… :lol: :lol: :lol:

            So if someone were to write about, let's say nuclear war, murder and/or paedophilia for the sake of the 'argument', they are a bunch of posers if they don't have have any personal experience when it comes to said subjects? That is a pretty tall order, monkey-boy.

            Do you understand what the 'Chemical Wedding' is? And that the word 'trip' have more meanings than just the one? No? Thought so. Read a book or summat. You can get them free from any library…

            Also: why are you pretending to be an acid head? Stop smoking your mother's tea leaves and get a job, son.

            P.S. :finger:



              Okay I am still listening to MP

              It's not that bad..

              And i am not talking about being on something and then play the music… I'm talking of letting yourself become inspired by the world around you and then maybe a few months later to write something.. At least once…


              Interesting.. I can imagine this being a thing for pink Floyd to be discussed

              @jero… that's why I started a thread for itself.. You must not read it or say something to it 😂 … To me this theme is somehow important…


              Yeah pretty good argument, comparing lyrically a pedophile or Nuclear War to someone who once took acid… Because of argumentation like these Drugs are still illegal… I know many Acidheads who are regularly striking Atomic Bombs and commit Murder… Idiot

              You surely must be a superstar somewhere…

              And man if you listened to tracks like Psychonaut and Dr Hoffmanns Bicyle you would still doubt what they (should) mean in concrete..?

              As if I wouldn't know that since I was 12 that allmost everything said in art could be interpreted as you wish…

              By the way you know Oasis that's good.. Then you know what I am (not) thinking of your Posts…

              F*ck yourself stupid Dog…

              Anyway.. I can not imagine that no one of the thousands of true Psychonauts all over Europe have no opinion on this… Somebody must be surprised like me.. If you're reading this whenever please comment…


                Drugs or no drugs, inspirational or not – does it really matter? As long as they're not openly advertising anything?? No reason for any dogfights!

                R.A. Wilson & Tim Leary once suggested another amendment to the rights of man:

                Every person should have the right to alter their mind with or without drugs – and no-one should have the right to alter another person's mind (for instance via brain-washing).

                As long as you don't harm anybody else its up to yourself!


                  Good old Robert Anton Wilson and Leary…

                  Made it clear… I am not wanting Snah to take a trip right now..😂 I am just a bit disappointed for allmost 20 years.. Allways thought he was my Sunshine Superman and well he still is somehow but different…

                  Kid A

                    So that’s it: it’s not about drugs or no drugs, it’s about the image you projected on someone and now you must realize, the real person got nothing to do with your imagination. Happens a lot in life. Get used to it


                    Feeling cheated cause your beloved band isn´t maybe as much into drugs as you thought, is one of the weirdest things I´ve read here so far…

                    Punj Lizard

                      Disillusionment is tough to handle. It's why people say you should never meet your heroes. Sometimes just an interview can topple the cart. But we all read into music and interviews what we want.

                      Jon Anderson of Yes is considered one of the great spiritual hippie dudes of the 70s progressive rock scene, but I know people who know that behind the scenes he can be very egotistical, pushy, demanding, financially greedy … Yes it puts a damper on some of my feelings about his music, but the band is five guys (at any one time) and they all contribute. And the music they made in the 70s was phenomenal.

                      Sometimes musicians just project what they experience, but it comes in a different form. Maybe Snah never took psychedelics (only he really knows), but maybe he somehow has an open kundalini channel that gives him experiences of a psychedelic nature. Sorry to sound like a patronising lecturer, but we are all complicated people with myriad experiences. Who's to say where Snah gets his inspiration from, where and how he had his mind-blowing experiences. I never took psychedelics, but I smoked a lot of weed over the the past 40+ years and for a time did a great deal of meditation, including five years at an ashram in the Indian Himalayas and I can tell you that I had some pretty fucked up, weird, wonderful and reality-bending experiences. I also started a business years ago that at the beginning occasionally required I work three or four days with barely any sleep. Sitting on the loo one night taking a dump while watching the floor beneath me ripple and ululate like waves was pretty crazy. Maybe Snah just had some weird experiences because he had a few nights without solid sleep. I've also heard of people living in the far north having disorienting experiences because of the lack of daylight, or too much of it. I bet that can get a bit psychedelic at times.

                      Don't let a couple of interviews ruin your love of the man and his music. Be more curious to find out what makes him so special.

                      EDIT: Let me add this too… During the last several days I've been listening to the Mad Sun (acoustic) video on YouTube (the one shot in someone's living room), several times a day. I love the melodies, the interplay between the guitars, banjo and mandolin, and vibe and the lyrics. And I much prefer the lyrics on this version to those on the electric version I've heard. Indeed, Bent's lyrics are so evocative that I begin to feel like I know what he's talking about. And I wonder, was this a real experience for him? Based on his lyrics he seems to have a lot of interesting things to say about relationships, some of them seeming very specific and very personal – Vortex Surfer, for example. But are they his personal experiences? Or is he just able to tap into something more archetypal? Maybe he's just a keen observer of the way people go through relationships. The bottom line is, I don't know anything about his personal relationships, but he somehow seems to be able to articulate through evocative lyrics and music something that a lot of people can either relate to or at least, like me, find captivating because it's so beautifully human – warts 'n' all, as they say. Like Joni Mitchell, he exposes a vulnerability ("Too proud to bend, I would only crash and burn like a mad sun"), but for all I know he may not actually be that vulnerable. Great art and music seems somehow to be able to tap into our deepest feelings, it draws a reaction out of us, something inside that we may not be aware is there. Bent and Snah, with their music do that for me, and whether or not they had those direct experiences matters little, becuase whatever they've done in their lives, however they've lived their lives, whatever drugs they've taken or whatever relationships they've had, they are able to articulate something that subconsciously we can tune in to.

                      Don't worry about how they got there, just be thankful that they did and that somehow you found them. :D


                        Wise & beautiful words Punj Lizard. You are a joy to read.


                        @Punj Lizard I’ve read your comment with great pleasure. Everything you’ve written, I wouldn’t be able to say in a better way. Agree with Valderrama: such wise and beautiful words



                          Yes very good written punj..

                          That with that open Kundalini Channel maybe one alternative to psychedelic Drugs…

                          And very good how you described what you feel about Bents songwriting..

                          I thought of that sometimes too what it would be like to meet my heroes (musicians or authors or actors whatever) and I too thought it mostly is better the way it is.. 😂


                          It is mostly because of the fact that I was 17 when I discovered the guys and was at a real Downing Point in my life (I know it sounds pathetic)… And I allways thought that they were all much farer than me in "traveling" or at least longer …That's why I am a bit disappointed.. And man it is Motorpsychodelic Music man… You could say that if was a fan of Kylie Minogue… 😂

                          Punj Lizard

                            @Valderrama, Black-eyedJ and mybestfriend – Thanks for your sweet comments.

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                          …hanging on to the trip you're on since 1994