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      While playing the music I was looking at the foldout albumcover and to my surprise I'm realising there is the traditional depiction of the 4 evangelists of christianity in there: John (eagle), Matthew (human) Marc (lion) and Luke (bull). These symbols derive from the early days of christianity and visions of the prophets. Usually, in f.e. medieval paintings, in the middle you'll see the cross/Jesus. So the figure in the middle here pouring from the all into the one (my interpretation) and on a further painting inside, a vessel that is pouring out to many is probably…you guessed it, everybody sing cumbaya my lord (the MP heavy metal version or course!) Also notice in the centre/main cover painting the pouring figure is almost skeletal and there's a dab of red paint that to me certainly depicts blood or a wound.

      Anyway, I'm thinking: Gulvag as an artist, paints in an experimental way, meanwhile often referring to tradition within painting, just like the band does within the medium of music. (end of lecture, 8O)


        wow, that's very interesting. 8O I didn't know about these depictions, so thanks for your thoughts.


          Don't know about Håkon Gullvåg's religious allegiances, if any, but he has painted a few altarpieces in new churces in Norway, such as this one

          Håkon Gullvåg's altarpiece in Seegard church

          so he is obviously working with religious symbols, motifs and themes in many contexts. Fits in well with the musical and lyrical grandiosity in the trilogy, me thinks, even if MP don't make Christian references as such.

          Krist Rampage

            Thanks Jero, interesting!

            Had my first spin today. Some thoughts:

            – there is a lot going on on this album. The biggest, most ambitious mp album since The Death Defying Unicorn in my opinion.

            – i like the flow of the album. Makes sense to me.

            – the album sounds amazing. Perhaps the best sounding MP album there is.

            – Tomas is on fire. Goddamn.

            – Reine, Ola and Lars are brilliant. Their contributions are very very very important to this lp.

            – love the cover. Not that practical though.



            The 2021 tour will be amazing.



              that 3rd one was NOX II – Ouroboros. :) But it's even more freakin brilliant within the context of the whole thing. How it gets there and where it gets to.

              Punj Lizard

                Woohoo! Just got my copy here in London. :D


                  Have fun!

                  Punj Lizard

                    @Supernaut – Thanks!

                    boomer former helm

                      It arrived :) Yihaaa!!! Tonight's the night :STG:

                      Kid A

                        So, my humble opinion: this one is great. I’m not sure yet, if it’s one of my top releases, I’d rate The Tower a lot higher. But it’s really too early for a final judgement. The first part is really good, N.O.X. a masterwork, but I’m a little disappointed about the last part. Until now, there’s nothing in these songs that keeps sticking. Maybe it will grow a little in the future


                          oh, it will grow! Like a tentacled giant spacemonster it will. And, ladies (?) & gentlemen, I'm even beginning to love that same old rock dittie, within the context mind you! The greater panorama is unfolding, beautiful!

                          Punj Lizard


                            mmmm maybe I've been wrong about that thing oddly missing. It might only apply to the songs outside of N.O.X. Looking forward to your views on that.

                            I'm pretty sure I know what you're talking about. Conspicuous by its absence, and I, for one, miss it.

                            Overall an exceptional album, although, like Kid A, I'm not so immediately drawn in to a couple of the tracks on Side D, but that's fine. I'm sure it'll grow, as JERO suggest.


                              This album is stellar.

                              Listening to it again and again and again.

                              My measure is usually to see how long it takes before I need to put on one of the old records. Of the later releases only HMF kept bringing me back for more, more, more.

                              There's no way in hell I'm switching this one off for a long while.

                              N.O.X. is so…I don't have words. I simply can't get enough.

                              Someone mentioned the tour in '21. Yes, please, with lots of sugar on. It'll be something else.

                              As for the missing bit, yes, I also noticed.

                              It's *there*, and I wonder.


                                Got my parcel today. First impression after listening just once: Business as usual.

                                Rather mainstream – by Motorpsycho standards, that is. Nothing really boring, nothing too overwhelming. Nothing really new – not the overwhelming experience I had when first listening to "The Crucible". Songs not half as original as on "The Tower". Side 3 a quasi-electronic motormechanic destructive commando listener torment like the middle part of the "Here Be Monsters" title track. Great bass arithmetics/counter rhythms on Side 2 – comparable to the instrumental heavy part of 577 (live version). Great guitar work as always. Very competent drumming.

                                Rather weak vocals in typical Yes-style harmony washup.

                                So – your typical first encounter of another Motorpsychedelic opus. Let it grow!

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