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      There's only a handful of their albums that got me completely immediately: Demon Box (because a) first time I've ever really heard them – except for one song on a Hüsker Dü tribute album – and b) I was stoned af that time), Blissard, Trust Us, BH/BC, LLM and TDDU. Funnily enough my dearest one, Timothy's Monster, took its sweet time for me. But that's probably because I expected something Demon Box-ish and because it's so sprawled out. But The Wheel did it right away. That bass… My poor roommates…

      For this one: NOX just blew me away right away. I must have been laughing madly during the last 5 minutes. It just didn't stop, still maintaining or even top an overwhelming energy to the finish line.

      The "proper" songs, I like them all, but I do think they need time. There's accessibilty but also a certain oddness happening at the same time, which make them a bit more difficult to see through, maybe? Neither captivating catchy on the spot nor weird or impressive monstertracks. I think they feed on subtlety and repeated listening.

      "The Dowser" is kinda funny. After all the madness we not only get a quiet ditty to come back to senses, it also relies on a "my first guitar lesson ever" strumming pattern. But sure and soon enough the odd harmonic arrangement kicks in, too. Come to think of it, "The Light Fantastic" would have fit well here. This one I also find to be both poppy and odd in way quite like "The Magpie" and "Like Chrome". I already love that last one, though.

      Out of this trilogy, I think eventually I'm going to love this one the most.

      @Punj & Rune

      I think it's a bit "there" in NOX but I'm not sure.


        What is this «missing bit» people are talking about?


          wow! „N.O.X ouroboros“ just got me at the first listen! immediately! I clearly hear that light jagga jazzist influence and like it a lot a lot a lot!

          and to mention someone elses words. I also like that „typical Yes-style harmony washup“ vocals on the record a lot.

          experience this live will be a blast. especially as the whole N.O.X. is absolutely crazy, especially at the end, haha ;-)

          Punj Lizard

            @Supernaut – Yes it's there in N.O.X. but the effects make it less clear. I like it when it's clear.

            @TraktorBass – Hmm, not sure if I should say – I mean, it's quite possible that Supernaut and Rune are thinking about something else entirely. But here's a clue – Greener, Like Always, Year Zero …


            N.O.X. part 1, 2 and 4 for me make it my favorite MP release in years.

            And it's not even released yet.



              gnos gnus hanS eht



                you and me think the same thing and Rune most probably, too






                    I didn't want to make a big myyysteryyy riddle out of it, just thought the album will drop much later in the month so I didn't want to give away some things for those who don't want to know anything.

                    I would be one of those.


                      It grows and grows! I second the comment on production. Especially great to hear naturally-sounding vocals without being smothered in effect layers (as was sometimes the case on recent albums).

                      Great to hear bits and traces of their whole catalogue without being too obvious or self-referencing. A bit BH/BC here, a bit TT there.

                      I really dig that they don't try to be "too smart" on this one. Compared to "The Crucible" for instance, which without a doubt is brilliantly crafted, this one feels much more intuitive and therefore manages to trigger some emotions some previous stuff didn't. Less head, more belly…thanks Motorpsycho!


                      I share all your positive vibes and happy to see so much good reviews, but I would have been happy with a standalone N.O.X. album. Not that the rest isn't good.


                          Still need much more growing time, but I do think this is the album with the best MP artwork for years. No wonder given the Gullvag contribution.

                          There is of course a little visual pun in the fun photo of the band included, with reference to the alledged ballet/dance piece inspiration for the N.O.X. suite.

                          Watch this: (around 0.36)


                            The album is definitely growing on me! At first, everything but N.O.X. seemed a bit like "fluff", but every song and the totality keeps growing. N.O.X. is an absolute masterpiece imho, especially "Ouroboros" as many others have pointed out. Love how they hint at the melody while building the intensity, and how it never breaks down into speednoisechaos.

                            Some more or less obvious references and things I've noticed:

                            – The word 'discourse' is used at least 3 times.

                            – Delusion: "Humbug and Hogwash both spread"

                            – "Circles Around The Sun" is also the name of a band which played long instrumental jams loosely inspired by the Grateful Dead. The band was headed by Neal Casal who sadly ended his own life almost exactly one year ago. I don't know if the band is still active. Some info about their origins here.

                            – CATS pt 2: "connections where there are none – behind the sun"

                            – CATS pt 2: "a crucible, a square and a tower"

                            – CATS pt 2: "fools, wheels, devils"

                            – Like Chrome: "Find that sweet silver lining" – could be a slight nod to "Touch of Grey" by Grateful Dead.

                            – Like Chrome: "No one knows where time goes" – probably a nod to "Uncle John's Band" by Grateful Dead: "Woah-oh, what I want to know, where does the time go?"

                            – Like Chrome – a part of the (guitar) melody reminds me of.. Ãœberwagner? But a different rhythm? Different scale? Not sure.

                            – Trump is just a dick lol (Bent's lyrics in "The All Is One" are really not subtle)


                              (Lyrics:)"I hate what you say, but I love that you're saying it". That's a great line!

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