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      I'm jealous of those who have already been able to listen!

      mister conclusion

        Yesterday "Laut und kantig" by radioeins from Potsdam/Berlin features three songs from The All Is One, the host Christiane Falk seemed to be pretty impressed by the album. If you can't wait and want to listen to some other nice stuff, you can check it out here (the orange link in the middle of the page):


        Order arrived this morning, looks awesome.

        Don't rip the cd on iTunes yet, the CD2 is a bad mix of data….

        Krist Rampage

          Just got a message from my girlfriend that my Stickman copy has arrived too. Awesome. :STG:


            Guys, don't mess with my heart rate! :-D Also ordered at Stickman and now i am waiting by the door for the bell to finally ring


            I should have precise it arrived in Brussels this morning.

            Rolf dropped a couple of free albums in the package as well.

            Stickman Records for the win since 1994.

            Krist Rampage

              Free albums? That's so cool. I once received a somewhat damaged vinyl cover of the Barracuda ep for free. Love Stickman.


                Stickman und Frau twice sent me a copy of the Alabama Kids cd (drowsey driver) along with my order, that was a great discovery for me, the cd has been playing in my car for the 3rd year in a row now, and many a passenger shouted out "what's this great guitarband, are they English, American…" so I can tell them the Alabama Kids were Holland's best band ever, once!

                Here & now, N.O.X. is playing, second lp, volume turned up, it's a dark & rainy day, I'm forgetting time and space and enjoy getting lost in this fantastisk vortex! :MPD:


                Enjoy everyone who already received it! My Stickman package will be delivered tomorrow…but 10 hours work tomorrow and Thursday…will have to wait for my free Friday I guess…


                  I got Elder's Lore as a promofreebie with a stickman order. That's how I discovered them. That was great.

                  So I listened to the rest of the album (besides N.O.X.) and I don't know what that reviewer heard. Yes it's somewhat similarish to the previous two but also very different. Just like The Tower and The Crucible have a certain common vibe but are still very different from each other. This one also has more hints to older MP songs than TT and TC. There's one with a similar groove to a BH/BC song, another has a vocal line that reminds of something from Cake or Phanerothyme. The Same Old Rock has that She Left on the Sunship-ish hook, as someone already mentioned. But there's tons of stuff unheard so far, especially in the departement of rhythm.

                  And if anyone ever tells you Tool is the most out-there visionary grandest band ever, feed them N.O.X. It doesn't sound like Tool at all, don't get me wrong, but in terms of grandezza (and regarding the time it took them for their latest – and quite disappointing imo – album), it wipes the floor with 'em.

                  There's just one thing oddly missing, which I can't write here due to spoilering. I wonder when someone will bring it up when everyone has had their spin eventually. :)


                    mmmm maybe I've been wrong about that thing oddly missing. It might only apply to the songs outside of N.O.X. Looking forward to your views on that.


                    OUROBOROS AT FULL VOLUME

                    speechless. trembling. grateful.


                      Ah, vinyl‘s here in Zürich. Wasn‘t the release date to be Aug 31st?

                      no freebie, though.

                      Punj Lizard
                        Ah, vinyl‘s here in Zürich. Wasn‘t the release date to be Aug 31st?

                        No. The 28th.

                        I think I might have to wait a while for my copy from Stickman as I ordered a few other items at the same time, including Begynnelser, and it's all got to be shipped to London.

                        I'm glad to hear some of you are getting your copies early though. And I'm loving the first responses, especially regarding N.O.X.


                          I couldn't contain myself, and checked the tracks from the broadcast. The All is one was cool, Dreams of fancy too. But that 3rd one, which i suspect is one of the N.O.X tracks, is freakin' brilliant! :STG:


                            Ouroboros, from 2:30 onward. There is a god. And you know His name.

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                          …hanging on to the trip you're on since 1994