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    boomer former helm

      Oh thats interesting. If it is a reference to Terry Pratchett it would be simply nice. Love his books ;)


        From BS on the [url=http://]MP homepage[/url]:

        "To make sure none of you will lose sleep over not getting your hands on a copy, you’ll all be able to (pre-)order your copies in the MP webshop: we have made a first print run that we think is big enough to satisfy demand, but will do another ASAP if we run out before all your needs are sated. So not to worry: everybody will get a copy eventually!"

        Edit: "quotes"


        So…anyone picked it up in Odense yesterday?

        The Other Anders

          Yes, I picked up a copy. It's heavy, beautiful and sealed. Only had cash for one, so haven't opened it, since I promised to pick it up for a friend.


            Probable Pratchett prank (haha – ppp means something else to us, doesn't it?), so let's call it Assumed Pratchett Connection ;-)

            The Light Fantastic is Pratchett's second novel in the Discworld series – btw.: isn't MP's next disc to be called "The World"? – ok, ok, back to topic: Together with its predecessor this book is rather not the one masterfully structured plot but a sometimes hectic combination of adventures that do both follow and satirize traditional fantasy adventure tales, introducing a few major and several minor characters that would play roles in the seemingly endless evolution of the Discworld series. Substitute fantasy with Rock'n'Roll and Pratchett with Motorpsycho and you will see the title is obviously quite fitting for this new collection.

            Kid A

              If you want to grab it on the tour, take a little extra money with you! It’s no bargain, about 40,-€


              40€ yesterday in Bremen, beautiful package…won´t spoil anything here but I´ll add it to discogs today.

              Krist Rampage

                I see you’ve added it to discogs. Awesome. Man i really love this compilation a lot. And the packaging, wow. Just wow. Love it.


                me too, gave it a spin today, interesting new stuff…not what I expectec from the Crucible Sessions.


                  Back from Paradiso-Noord, sitting on my couch and reading the "catalogue" of "MP-merchandise" that comes with the album, and doing my best not to wake up my wife, not because I'm giving the record a spin, but because of the waves of laughter erupting from reading this genius comical booklet!!!

                  Yes, our revered rockmeisters have a great sense of humor, and can laugh at themselves as well.

                  Great! :lol:

                  Krist Rampage

                    Yes the book is absolutely hilarious. Caught myself laughing out loud too several times. Defenitely one of the coolest things in my collection.


                    Would anyone going to a gig be willing to pick me up a copy?

                    I really don't wanna miss out on this beauty..

                    I'm in Norway, btw.



                      Just for the record, BS is a big fan of Terry Pratchett. And the package looks fantastic. Have seen it but havent got a copy yet.


                        I would also love a copy if someone is willing to pick one up for me. Also in norway. Thormaa(at)msn(dot)com

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