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      I'm homeless, too. Do I get a Sorgenfri copy for free?

      boomer former helm

        just received the first part of the manuscripts. really like the songs so far. especially the longer one which has that deep blues drive, do not know the title ;-) great artwork. i am satisfied and really look forward the 2nd part.


          @boomer former helm, Are you also from Norway?


          pfnuesel: how did u figure that?



            Forget It 4:05 / One Way Or Another 5:35

            Mockingbird 4:08 Sæther / The Jig Is Up (Kiss The Snake) 6:34 Sæther

            boomer former helm

              @ blashyrkh: no, i am from germany/tyskland

              @ gbd: thanks a lot :-) how did you figure out the songtitles? i am a bit confused by the font that is used on the cover (but it looks pretty besides that)


              Theban alphabet translation:



                @boomer former helm, alright thanks! I'm hoping I'll receive it tommorow. Fingers crossed :D

                @Locustella, thanks for the info.

                boomer former helm

                  @ locustella, thanksfor the info. so i have a little translation work to do in the next days ;-)


                    I created a wikipedia page for the …album? here: – feel free to contribute. I took info found on news and from here – so it's a bit bare. But since I won't be getting this release (had no money to spare when the signup time window was open) I don't exactly have more access to info concerning liner notes etc.

                    I'm hoping for a regular CD (or whatever format) release eventually, since I personally don't care much for collectors items, I'm happy with just listening to music, but it's probably unlikely given Bent stated "no more, ever" (and "Child of the Future" hasn't been released on CD yet, either).

                    boomer former helm

                      after listening to the 4 songs a few times i just can say that every song stands out for itself and is very very good :-)


                        @Boomer former helm, are the songs kinda like Behind the sun and Still live with Eggplant or are they more "pop-ish"?

                          Four 7” singles and a CD housed in custom made sleeves – made and printed by Drid Machine. These sleeves will eventually make up the pages of a book. The custom-made artwork is by italian artist Thomas Raimondi



                            @Blashyrkh: Two of the songs, Forget It (awesome!) and Mockingbird (cool enough), are among the poppiest they've recorded with Kenneth. The two others are slightly longer; One Way Or Another is a soulful dynamic bluesrocker (my personal fave so far), while The Jig Is Up (Kiss The Snake) is a little bit heavy with some weird tempos and time signatures. It's also the only one I feel they can stretch out a bit live.

                            @JTR: Here are some credits which you can add to the Wiki page:


                            Kenneth Kapstad / Time

                            Bent Sæther / Mass

                            Reine Fiske & Hans Magnus Ryan / Velocity


                            Øyvind Smidt / Fiddler

                            Thomas Henriksen / Fairydustsprinkler

                            And there's also secret messages in the end grooves. Seek, and ye shall find :twisted:

                            boomer former helm

                              @ Blahyrkh: otherdemon pointed it out well. "mockingbird" is very nice (cute), i like the tricky groove that kenneth and bent lay under the very poppy guitars and vocals. "one way or another" reminds me a lot of crosby, stills, nash and young, especially the singing. that made it difficult for me in the beginning to get into the song, but after a few spins it grows a lot to me. "the jig is up/kiss the snake" is really cool with great singing a very cool rhythm structure with strange timing.

                              the sound is great in my opinion. very special and different from the mixes/master on behind the sun, or eggplant. not so clean, more… hmm i do not know how to say it, darker or dirtier maybe. very special to cut it short…

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