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      I think WRNR is a very nice song …… But Slightly disappointing over the recording of the song …. Wish it was more "Stoner" sound .. Much more fuzz bass .. Possible it should have been "Given" to Spidergawd …


        yup it would fit Spidergawd but MP were never the ones to let a good time romping rocknrollin time slip away. :mrgreen:


          am i the only one around who thinks that spidergawd is rather boring? :oops:



            YES!!! :wink:

            Although I find the 7" presentation very very nice, I'm glad to have the CD included. So I can listen to the whole thing as a non interrupted album experience and it brings out the songs much more this way.

            supernaut, you should learn how to rip vinyls, it's not that complicated but takes a time to get best results. At least this is what i do with all my vinyls. :D


              nah not really…. I got a vinyl record player and if ever I put music on my smartphone it'll be a compressed mp3 anyway (maybe got to look into neil young's pono player one day).

              it's just with these manuscripts that i like to run the CD so I don't have to bother every 5 minutes. ;)


              Such a usb vinyl record player? That's only plastic. :D I have the manuscripts now in 24bit/96kHz FLAC on my smartphone. The Neutron music player can play them, no Pono needed.

              boomer former helm

                Received the last part now. Great last song "Dominoes". Love that one most.


                  ah I don't have an USB vinyl player. When I do put music on my phone then it comes from CDs and I compress it due to lack of storage space (I have a last last gen smartphone) and walking around town or riding a bus with all the street noise abound, I wonder if I'd hear any difference. And I listen to music this way rarely anyway. :)


                  Misunderstanding, sorry. Couldn't really imagine you playing these silver beauties on your usb vinyl plastic player … :D

                  I listen mostly to 1644 FLACs on my smartphone but often i am too lazy to convert the Hires files for it.


                  Regarding the runnning order:

                  I just noticed that the running order on (now) page two of the book is different than the pages themselves. The last two songs are switched.

                  Intentional? Or design-flaw?

                  I guess the order given on the index-page should be the right one though, right?

                  Come to think of it – maybe I should just check the CD for confirmation… :oops:



                    Now that we have the whole thing available, and also on CD, I've been playing it over and over the last few days. I have to say, this whole project was really cool, and the quality of the material much better than I had ever expected! This makes for a great mini-album. It's album length (particularly if you add Toys, which I haven't heard yet), but it does feel a little slight as an album (no real epics, probably not enough variety for a real Motorpsycho album), so releasing them in this form seems a very wise decision. The songs are allowed to shine in this context.

                    I am not entirely sure when all of these songs were recorded, but as I understand it they were all from the same sessions that yielded Eggplant and Behind the Sun, right? If that is the case, then it makes it even more odd that they would choose the songs they did for Eggplant, which was a huge disappointment for me. Turns out they had much, much better material available to release (as Behind the Sun proved). Well, Barleycorn was stunning, at least. In any case, most of the Motorpnakotic songs could be subbed into either record and worked well. Nevertheless, some of them do have a B-side feel, while some are more deep album track material.

                    Track by track:

                    1) The Jig Is Up

                    – one of the best, excellent groove, effortless elaboration. The band is in "the zone" on this one. Lots of nice little details, like the chromatically ascending countervoice at the end of each line in the verses. Killer track.

                    2) Mockingbird

                    – nice poppy tune. Love the way they've been using acoustic guitar on these Eggplant/Sun/Motorpnakotic tunes.

                    3) One Way or Another

                    – this one has really grown on me. Didn't like it too much at first, but the way it builds is huge. Could have easily replaced Ghost on Behind the Sun.

                    4) Forget It

                    – another favourite of mine. Super infectious chorus, this one stuck after the first time I heard it. Lovely middle section with the solo. It has something about it that reminds me of Timothy era, yet it's nothing like that at the same time.

                    5) Cutie in Decay

                    – Like this one too, although it's a bit indistinctive.

                    6) Whiskey & Rock & Roll

                    – In some ways, this is the kind of Motorpsycho I don't particularly like. I like them when they're serious, progressive, playing on all their register. This is just some dumb, cartoonish, stoner-ish heavy rock, right? But somehow with this one, it just wins me over – it's just hilarious and off-the-chart rocking fun. And those lyrics? "When I'm drinking, I get drunk"…LOL! I'd take this track over On a Plate any day.

                    7) Future of Our Nation

                    Yes, yes, yes!! Fantastic song! I'd go so far as to rate it one of their best covers ever. It really fits Motorpsycho. I have to go check out the original, but this one has "the spook" the way Motorpsycho treat it. When I first heard it I had no idea it was a cover, but I first thought maybe it was some really obscure Funkadelic song. Maybe Motorpsycho got the same vibes, because suddenly a melody appears that sounds like it's taken from Free Your Mind and Your Ass Will Follow…is it there in the original by Master's Apprentices? And how it builds!! E-E-E-E EVERYWHERE…!

                    8) Dominoes

                    My least favourite track of the release. The intro melody is just really annoying for some reason. It reminds me of the weaker tracks from the early 00s, like the abominable Fade to Grey or the utterly repelling Neverland… Fortunately it gets better, but overall this one leaves me cold.

                    So for me, The Jig Is Up, One Way Or Another, Forget It and Future of Our Nation are all stand-out tracks that would make any Motorpsycho album proud, and most of the rest are not far behind.


                    @ shakti good words but don't understand how Eggplant could disappoint you 8O :lol:


                      The Jig is Up, Forget it and Cutie in Decay are my favourite songs on the album.

                      But everytime I hear the song The Jig is Up, something annoys me a bit…


                      At 4:33 it seems they've made a small guitar mistake. Well to me it sounds like a mistake, but I could be wrong :p


                        right channel guitar's timing is off for a split second. purpose or not, never noticed it but what once was heard cannot be unheard. grrrrr…….

                        live recording = true music :D

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