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      Does someone already have the first part of The Motorpnakotic Manuscripts?


        Not me.

          Strange that they include the cover without the 7 inch though.

          Why is it so weird,as its a part of the cover of the magazine. Proper DIY. Anyway as its said above buy two magazines and give away the spare cd to a good friend :D


            Before anyone starts complaining again – this is probably caused by accident/lack of knowhow at the magazine press. If they had used the rubber every music magazine uses to fix their throwavay cds it wouldn't have been an issue.

            I'm pretty sure it is not yet another conspiracy to pry more money from psychonauts :wink:


            Well, if you europeans are worried about this one, I think this poor mexican has nothing to argue. i just hope I can get a mp3 version of the song somehow. About the boxet, I think I have to wait a little bit longer. :?



              Really nice interview with both the band and Gebhardt. Good read.

              could someone scan that, please?


              Hi! I have two spare copies of magazines with both the CD and the 7" included. I will NOT sell the mag, but a MP-trade are much apprechiated. I have holes in my MP collection to be filled. Send an e-mail to bardny at if you're interested.

              6/8-14: Both mags gone now. Locustella



                You have a private message from germany!


                Did anyone receive the Manuscripts yet?

                So cool that they've decided to include a vinyl in a magazine! these guys are both crazy and genius.

                oh, by the way, did anyone attend the "most people" trondheim gig? How was it? Was it weird listening to norwegian lyrics?


                  Bent and Snah didn't sing, so it wasn't that weird – with the choir singing in norwegian.

                  Great show, or more correctly "great piece". Loved it!


                    @rella, I still haven't received the Manuscripts :-(


                      Afaik, the Manuscript packaging department is on a well deserved(?) vacation. Work will hopefully recommence soon.


                      @ Blashyrk, thank you! thought it was only me. I live in Italy so i guess the Manuscripts will be shipped presumably to you fellow norsemen first, and than to the rest of us, right?


                      @ DandelionPowderman, WOW! Soooo so curious! Wish i could have been there! Did you notice any cameras? I'm praying there will be a dvd release of the event soon

                    Viewing 15 posts - 106 through 120 (of 366 total)
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