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    So I stumbled across an original copy of The Tussler on black vinyl and purchased it, since I don't had it in my collection. It came today and as I took a look at the labels of the discs, I was a bit 'shocked'. They weren't yellow, as I'd supposed they would be. They were just white. Is that how all of those copies look? I thought it's possibly a Testpressing. Could that be? Any Infos would be awesome.




    Mine`s yellow/orange, psychobabble 006.



    Matrix#ers are the same. Also Psychobabble 006


    If they're plain white, without any markings, it could also be that no labels were applied at the plant, during production.

    I have copies of 'The Final Cut' and 'Nevermind' like that, and have seen more.

    Still a fun artifact!


    thanks kippenhok. i wrote an email to stickman and they sent me to dbut records, since they produced it, back in the days. waiting to hear what they have to say.


    My Tussler 10" has also only white labels on both records. Bought it like that in the record store, never wondered if there are other versions. So I'm curious to hear what dbut records has to say!


    Thanks AgentOrange. That's good to know. Maybe it's just a munfacturing error?

    I contacted dbut and they don't know about it. I think I'm going to create a Discogs listing (not to sell!) and just see if there are more of this kind out there.

    If anyone has any infos, please post them in here.



    Dont understand why Stickman sent you to dBut as they only did the CD version. Sounds like a misprint on the labelfront.


    There's one for sale on eBay, with yellow orange labels:


    There is no one on ebay. I have it with the yellow labels. I think a part of the Double-10-inch-edition have yellow labels, a part have white. Not curious.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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