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    There seems to be two different matrix numbers among the 1700 machine numbered 1st pressing. My copy number 218 has matrix 3324-1-Ao, and a test press I own has matrix 3324-1-Ao B272998-01 A1. (Same number as the Discogs submission of this record).

    My theory is that there were two pressings of the Stickman 1994 version of the record. Would please owners of this record check their numbering of the box and matrix numbers. Were there a 1st pressing of 1000 with matrix number 3324-1-Ao, and a 2nd pressing of 700 with matrix 3324-1-Ao B272998-01 A1? Please help me sort this out :-)


    001092 – 3324-1-Ao


    There is already a thread about this topic. See here…


    The other thread is my posting too and I should perhaps have continued that one instead. Sorry :-)

    This one is concerning the first issue on Stickman, and if Karius is correct about his matrix I wonder if there are anybody who really got a Timothys Monster record with matrix 3324-1-Ao B272998-01 A1?


    000870 – 3324-1-Ao





      Ok. This makes it clear that 3324-1-Ao is correct matrix number for the first machine numbered Stickman version. But where do the 3324-1-Ao B272998-01 A1 matrix belong?


      Well. Discogs corrected for first machine numbered edition of Timothys Monster.

      But where does the 3324-1-Ao B272998-01 A1 matrix belong. Are there anybody out there with a hand numbered Timothys monster with number below 2000? If so, what's your number and matrix?

    Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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