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      The big question now is: When will the pre-order start?


      will it be released only by rune?


        Still haven’t heard anything about pre-order. Looking so much forward to this!


        Me too! Tracklists would be nice now.


        You can also pre-order the record from Platekompaniet (www.platekompaniet.no). Looking forward to this new release – got cold, wonderful chills down my spine when i saw the coverart on their website… :D


        This just arrived in my e-mail from Rune: pre-orders being accepted as of now! No news yet from Jeannette.

        Timothy’s Monster pre-orders

        ”Timothy´s Monster”, originally released in late 94, is a certified classic, considered by many the best Motorpsycho album and often listed as the best Norwegian rock album in most significant listings since it´s release. Coming only a year after their dark and monumental ”Demon Box”, this is a lighter, more adventurous, spaceous and varied offering showing them blossoming into the band we have known and loved ever since, always on the move; forward, sideways, upwards, backwards. Spread over four CDs, you get the original album, the first version of the album that never got to be released and a very decent selection of rarities, outtakes and previously unreleased tracks. Not only that, the package itself is nothing short of excellent with it´s newly designed box, cardboard sleeves, poster and 24 page booklet with extensive liner notes and anecdotes, priceless photos and notes about the recordings. This is simply a treasure trove for even the moderate Motorpsycho fan, if there is such a thing as a moderate MP fan…

        Pre-order it here for the lowest price and quickest delivery: Rune


        T “in no way moderate” vdR

        edit: This on the Rune site just now:

        Timothy´s Monster open for pre-orders

        This great 4CD box set is now open for pre-orders at this site. Not only do we have the lowest price, you will also get it quickest from us.


        This is good news! I’m living in Germany, so I hope Stickmen will sell it as well. If not, I’ll definitely order it from Rune.


          stickfrau just told me that they’ll take pre-orders either today or tomorrow…


            and that it will be around 25 euros…


              EDIT: nothing to see here ;)


                the regular vinyl record is also a 3lp one…so i guess it just a repress of the original record….maybe this is the last repress mentioned…


                [quotestickfrau just told me that they’ll take pre-orders either today or tomorrow…[/quote]

                Grrrreat! That sounds good!


                Pre-orders started at Stickman!


                24.07.2010 TIMOTHY’S MONSTER PRESALE IS NOW OPEN

                Our next release will be the 4-CD Deluxe Edition of Motorpsycho’s classic album “Timothy’s Monster”. The presale is now open! The planned shipping date for all preorders is Friday, August 6th. HOWEVER, there are still some doubts as to whether the pressing will be ready on time, so this date might be delayed for a few days. We will keep you informed as the details come in from the pressing plant.

                This release is truly a monster!





                edit: Ordered, of course! :MPD:


                  Also from the Stickman site:


                  I could tell you, but then I’d have to kill you

                  Ahhhh, the exitement! ;-)

                  boomer former helm

                    cool, really looking forward that.

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