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    Punj Lizard

      So here we are, emerging from a blistering 28-date tour, taking in 9 countries and giving us a total of over 70 different songs. I thought it would be nice to have a thread in which to share our memories, highlights, surprises, anecdotes, highs, lows, loves, laughs – on any tour-related subject: setlists, songs, venues, specific shows, the tour as a whole, recordings, chance meetings and so on.

      To kick off, I'd just like to say a big thank you to all the tapers. It was great to be able to attend a pair of superb shows (Bremen and Köln), but also brilliant to experience the tour from afar via the setlists, posts, reports and recordings. And of course, a huge thank you to the band – I am still constantly flabbergasted by their commitment, their energy, their output, and their desire to keep things dynamic, throbbing with life, and in the moment. :MPD:


        Obviously it is easier to work on tour statistics than to remember personal experiences ;-)

        I for myself have been busy recapturing the tour by grabbing the various recordings, listening and selecting the best stuff (usually 1 CD lenght per gig, as hard as it comes) for my private tour compilation. Overwhelming not only in the amount of material this time, but also in the variety and quality of music played. Whoa – but that's Motorpsycho for you.

        What I find interesting is that there are quite a few better recordings of music that I experienced almost perfect or overwhelming live. While enthusing over my Köln live experience I found out that for instance N.O.X. turns out much clearer, more dynamic and versatile on recordings from other gigs. But maybe I was just overwhelmed. Anyway – as enjoyable and helpfull all those recordings may be – there is nothing like a Motorpsycho live experience!

        And then I was quite happy to meet a few people again – people from other gigs, be it just two days or five years ago, and to connect a few forum nicknames to faces again. Nice to meet you all! And while I'm still waiting for the Munich recording, I'm already looking forward for the new album that is rumoured to be out sometime in summer. Well, summer starts in two days meterologically, if not motorpsychedelically…

        Great King Rat

          I saw two very different shows in Hannover and Bremen, also sound-wise (Faust terrible, Schlachthof great). The tour manager told me in Bremen that they did a full two-hour soundcheck there at Schlachthof while in Hannover, they were done with it after 10 minutes, knowing, apparently, that it wouldn't make any difference anyway…

          He also told me that on the bus from Berlin to Bremen Bent said sth like "Schlachthof is always great, we're gonna play a big set."

          True words, and they lived up to it. :MPD:

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        …hanging on to the trip you're on since 1994