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      Apparently there is a tour single:

      Unfortunately it wasnt in stock at the show I attended in Düsseldorf (or they didnt have it yet).
      But has anyone further info on this?
      Will it be available to order?


        Apparently it appeared on the merch stand at the Tilburg show. Missed it there, but got one at Utrecht.

        Not sure, but I guess they put some up for sale after the tour. Would recommend to get it, the recordings are pretty cool!

        Krist Rampage

          I bought it at the Hedon show and am very happy with it. Two cool hardrocking covers, pure fun. I love Bents vocals very much on both songs. The cover is great too!

          I hope for all of you that the single can be bought online later. The single is released on Agitated Records btw, a small English label if i’m not mistaken. I’ve e-mailed them some questions about the single. I hope they awnser.


            Yeah (Yay!) I bought it at Hedon as well, and it’s a total hardrocking delight, the aa-side as well (Silver Dollar Forger). It sort a sounds like meant for radio (? ! ?) with a lot of treble and not too much hifi in the soundprod. If you decide to wash the dishes to it, prepare to do it twice as fast and to astound your neighbours when they walk by your window, lol. it’s a single played at 33 rpm and white-coloured vinyl. Then, if you decide to play more MP singles you own, once again be amazed at their versatility! this, and Ulf Ulf and that horrible christmas thingy sung by Morten (wish I had bought the california thing as well but you can’t have everything. or don’t need to, haha) :mp:


              Available now on Bandcamp

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                Here it is.
                “Norwegian legends Motorpsycho pay tribute to a couple of British Hard ROCK classics from 1974..Namely one of the staples of their current live set, UFO’s “Rockbottom” and a stellar version of Nazereth’s “Silver Dollar Forger”. Wrapped in a tongue in cheek cover that riffs on the originals, this single is a long time goal of Motorpsycho fans Agitated Records.

                Initially conceived to coincide with their June UK tour dates, but as they didn’t end up happening, here we are with a delicious slice of rock action to keep you going!! As you might expect, Motorpsycho have perfected their take on these two songs from 1974!

                Red or White vinyl, a big heap of fun to be had amongst the grooves!”


                  Great. A War Pigs would have fit perfectly though.


                    Mine arrived today. Love the artwork for the Silver Dollar Forger side. The BBC repeated the Nazareth performance of the song on the Old Grey Whistle Test a few years ago, and I remember it making me sit up and take notice! They knew how to do it in those days!


                      Someone (or a few) mentioned in another thread that it was disappointingly weak pressing with plenty of surface noise/crackling. I bought two copies of the white version, and one had that problem, the other one not.

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