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      Sorry, haven`t got the complete setlist but I thought I should post anyway (in case Im the only one posting, anyway)

      Loud, rocking show with Reine the sound varied between very balanced and smooth in some parts and way too loud in others (Snahs guitar has been on the brink of destruction the last two gigs I have seen them..)

      Setlist-wise I got two very pleasant surprises:

      Both the LLM and the N.O.X-suite was played! Definite highlights of the evening! N.O.X. is such a great livepiece, its really 2020s-MP at their finest.

      other than that it was a lot of the usual suspects from Kingdom of Oblivion and the past few records. I get a bit tired of the riff-rockers that seem to hold a (strangly permanent) place on their recent tours. But hey, it was a great gig! See you in Oslo.

      They ended the main set with NOX and gave us a pleasant farewell with a fast Whip that Ghost.

      Punj Lizard

        Thanks for the review, Captain!


          Sounds good! Expectations rising…

          Btw: I'm totally with you concerning the riff-rockers – but as long as they N.O.X. us, everything's alright.

          Thanks, CA!


            From setlist picture on fb.

            – Cosmoctopus

            – Kingdom of O

            – The Magpie

            – L.L.L.M.

            – Entropy

            – United Debased

            – A.S.F.E.

            – Lacuna/Sunrise

            – N.O.X.

            – W.T.G.

            Punj Lizard



                Whip That Ghost

                Punj Lizard

                  Of course! I was sitting here thinking, they must have misspelled STG. D'oh! :oops:

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